Vol. 42, No. 48

November 29, 2016

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Local author publishes second novel

Readers who enjoyed Andrea Tonkin’s first novel can look forward to reading more from the local writer soon. Tonkin will have a book signing for her second novel, Standing on the Edge, in the Bulk Food Store Café at Flatwoods Mall Dec. 10 from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.
Standing on the Edge is set, Tonkin said, “in small town West Virginia” and includes “some history of our state as well as local history.” Tonkin noted that she finds it interesting to research landmarks in our county and include what she finds in her novels. “Some of the background information readers will learn is about the Sutton Dam,” she commented, and went on to say, “First of all the physical aspect of its size is amazing but also what a beautiful asset it is to our state.”

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Local healthcare student
reflects on experience at BCMH

Braxton County Memorial Hospital continues to serve as an educational site for healthcare students completing their clinical rotations. Katie Flint of Gassaway is one such individual. She says, “My practicum time at BCMH / Braxton Community Health Center has been a great experience. Erin has been a wealth of knowledge and the entire staff have been so helpful.” Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, Erin King, served as preceptor for Katie during her clinical rotation at BCMH. Katie also extends a ‘special thank you’ to Dr. Russ Stewart, Dr. Stephanie Frame, and Dr. Doug Given for including her in the clinic and allowing her the opportunity to see some of their patients as well. She says, “Thank you to all the patients who allowed me to care for them. The experience of clinical hours is vital in piecing together the information learned through the classroom! So again - thank you for giving me the opportunity and welcoming me so graciously!”

Sutton man charged with
possession of counterfeit money

Carl A. Payne, Jr. of Sutton has been charged with possession of counterfeit money with intent to deliver.
According to the criminal complaint, on November 22, Braxton 911 dispatch received a complaint of someone purchasing a trailer using counterfeit money. West Virginia State Police SR/TRP G.H. Jones responded to the call and met with the victim. He told the officer that he had met with Payne at the Sunoco in Little Birch where he received a $100 bill for a trailer. The victim also showed the officer Facebook messages setting up the trade.


Dominion donates to charitable groups including Mountaineer Food Bank

Dominion Resources once again marked the holiday season by providing more than $1 million in grants to help feed, shelter and care for people in need across the company’s footprint. Donations will be shared by 140 non-profit organizations that provide critical community services in 13 states including West Virginia through Mountaineer Food Bank. This is the second year that Dominion has given more than $1 million in Critical Community Needs grants


Send your letter to Santa to the
Braxton Citizens’ News

Make your list and check it twice! Dear Boys and Girls, Mrs. Claus and I are once again happy to name the Citizens' News as our official headquarters to receive your letters to Santa. This is the 40th consecutive year the nice folks at your county's largest newspaper have been helping us.





Tales from the Brush

The first week of rifle season in this beautiful state is a magical time. I whole heartedly believe it should be a state holiday. This year was no exception in regards to magic. Finally, luck was a lady. Either that or bad luck was busy elsewhere and left me alone.
Regardless of what anyone else says, taking a whitetail buck is luck. Period. True, you can add or take away from your area to improve your odds, but a free ranging whitetail deer is as fickle as the wind on a ridge.

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