Vol. 40, No. 36

September 9, 2014

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Electricity powers Flatwoods pastor’s heart

He preaches every Sunday, he serves as president of the Flatwoods-Heaters Fire Department, and he is president of the Braxton County Fire Department Association: All of this, even though only one side of his heart ever beats, and he has no pulse. Instead, this man’s blood flows through his body not from the power of his heartbeat but from the power of electricity. Even though he was more than once almost given up for dead, he survived. Paul Beatty, pastor of Flatwoods Baptist Church, has, for almost a year, lived an active life thanks to a Left Ventricle Assist Device, or LVAD.
This device, sewn into the left side of his heart, pushes his blood through his circulatory system.


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County Commission endorses Fire Fighter Appreciation Month

November will be celebrated as Fire Fighter Appreciation Month in Braxton County with the endorsement of the Commission which came at last Friday’s regular meeting. Paul Beatty, president of the Braxton County Fire Fighters Association outlined a program the organization which represents all seven volunteer fire departments in the county, plans to present. He explained that local residents and visitors will be able to make a voluntarily donation at their participating local merchants in any amount they like. The donator will put their name on a special card which will be displayed in the business for the remainder of the month.

Elk River Foodland
implements new
Rewards Program

Foodland, a locally owned and operated chain of grocery stores with locations throughout West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky, has announced the introduction of the Foodland Rewards Program to Elk River shoppers. Beginning this month, the Elk River Foodland, located at 81 WV Forest Products Road, between Gassaway and Sutton, will offer shoppers food and fuel savings through the brand’s loyalty program.
As part of Foodland Rewards, Elk River Foodland shoppers who enroll in the program and register their card online are eligible to earn food and fuel discounts as well as exclusive e-coupons.























WV FILMmakers
Festival announces guest artist

The 15th Annual West Virginia FILMmakers Festival has announced their Festival Guest Artist, Emmy® Award-winning producer, John K. Corser will be at their premier event, Saturday, October 4th. Corser’s presentation and Q&A session will take place at the Landmark Studio for the Arts, Main Street, Sutton, from 10:00 a.m. – Noon.
With extensive experience on $150+ million dollar major studio productions to $10,000 music videos, John is dedicated to helping indie-filmmakers and is able to convey valuable, real-life information, advice and unique anecdotes on the complex production challenges and business decisions that filmmakers face.












Rotary announces date
for fall blood screening

Commission President Terry Frame outlined the findings of the State Auditor’s Office uncovered in the County’s most recent audit of fiscal year ending June 30, 2013. “I feel pretty good about the findings,” Frame said before reading the statements from the State Auditor.
Three areas of non-compliance were identified. The worse being the Commission over extended the Coal Severance Tax line item by spending more than $21,000 in excess of what was taken in. The Commission originally budgeted $34,847 for the Courthouse from the Coal Severance Fund. In reality, they spend $45,516 or $10,669 more than what was budgeted. A total of $2,500 was budgeted for Parts and Recreation when $3,250 was spent. Only $11,500 was budgeted for Civic Promotions when the county spent $20,741. No addition details were released pertaining to what the funds were actually used for.










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