Vol. 43, No. 38

September 19, 2017

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Bond passage could mean more than $70,000,000 in local road improvements

A special statewide election is just around the corner. The October 7 referendum will ask West Virginia residents to allow the state can sell up to $1.6 billion in road bonds to pay for statewide improvements. An amendment to the state constitution is required to allow for the bond sale.
Braxton County could be looking at over $70 million in road improvement if voters give the amendment the go-ahead.
Here is what would occur locally if the amendment is approved: The Flatwoods to Diana Road would be resurfaced at an estimated cost of $428,261;
- Chapel Road would be widened, resurfaced and received new guard rail and drainage improvement costing $350,000; Another $450,000 will repair slides at several locations along Chapel Road;
- The same would occur to Exchange Road at a projected cost of $500,000; The Express Drainage Rehab on Rte. 79 would be replaced at a cost of $130,000;

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Two separate shootings claim Braxton residents Police kill Rosedale man

Two separate incidents have resulted in the shooting death of two individuals last week.
The first incident occurred on Sunday, September 10 when officers were called to a Newville residence. Just four days later law enforcement was summoned to a Rosedale home. Both incidents resulted in the deaths.
Troopers from the Sutton Detachment of the West Virginia State Police say no charges have been filed at this point in Sunday’s fatal shooting of Christopher Wine in Newville. Wine was killed by one of two men who claimed they were being held against their will by Wine. Officers were on their way to investigate a possible hostage situation when it changed to a shooting. That case is expected to be presented to the upcoming Grand Jury to determine if the shooting was justified.
Just three days later the Rosedale incident began on Wednesday night, September 13 when offers received a report of shooting inside a home. Their investigation did not turn up the suspect who fled the scene when officers arrived.

Rock from county “travels” to
other side of the world

Most likely, it’s extremely rare that a resident of Braxton County would travel to Australia. One would, therefore, assume that it would be far more rare for a rock, even a painted rock, to travel a circuitous route from Braxton County to the other side of the world. However, that’s just what happened recently. A Braxton rock actually left this area and landed in Australia with the probability of its ending in New Zealand.
During its trek, the rock found itself in the possession of at least three different individuals. Its first owner was Laura Connor Capron, who painted it. Capron gave the rock to her cousin, former Braxton resident Jeri Lynn Hayhurst Young, She took it to her home in North Carolina.
Some time later, Young traveled to Seattle, where she planned to put the rock in a nook for a Seattle resident to find.


Pair face multiple charges
following domestic incident

Jody Lynn McCartney, 41 of Ireland, and Brittany Jo Stalnaker, 29 of Gassaway are both facing numerous charges after an incident on Teter Drive in Ireland.
On September 8, West Virginia State Police TPR J.O. Hensley and TPR E.D. Schoolcraft responded to a shots fired call in Ireland. The officers were informed that a young male had been hit in the head and TPR Hensley requested assistance of Burnsville Police Department Officer L. Thompson, as all other units were busy.
The officers met the male victim at Pleasant Hill Road. He told the officers he had been in an argument with his father, McCartney in their home. The suspect had grabbed the victim’s sister by the throat and had pulled a pistol on another female. The male victim stated McCartney had shot in the floor next to the female’s foot and then proceeded to beat him in the head with the pistol. TPR Hensley observed a large amount of dried blood on the victim’s face and a cut on his head.


Commission proclaims Retired School Employees Week

One of the actions at last Friday’s regular meeting of the Braxton County Commission was to proclaim the Week of September 25th through the 29th as West Virginia Association of Retired School Employees week in the county. Mary Talbott and Pat Blake, representing the Braxton County Association of Retired School Employees, made the request. Following their explanation, Commissioner George Skidmore made a motion approve the special designation.
First to appear before the Commission after President Ron Facemire called the meeting to order was Laura Wilson of the BC Drug Testing/DRC Center. She presented the body with a report of her agency’s activities for the month of August. That report revealed that the center had conducted 159 drug screenings for the month. She also stated that four individuals had successfully met the terms of their home confinement and been released.





Board of Education has busy agenda

The Braxton County Board of Education held their most recent meeting on Tuesday, September 12 with the meeting called to order at 6:00 pm by President Jill Cooper. Those in attendance stood for the Pledge and Vice President Dave Hoover provided a nondenominational prayer. Board members Shane Brown, Van Carr, and Bradley Shingler were all present.
Trisha Cottrill spoke to the board first on behalf of her daughter, Mindy Dever, who questioned the board about the preschool out of districting at the previous meeting. Superintendent David Dilly said they were still looking into options.
Next to speak to the board were Don Jarvis and Robert Sowa from the Burnsville Lions Club. The primary community service of the Lions Club is vision health.

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