Vol. 43, No. 7

February 14, 2017

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Car crashs into wrecked I-79 vehicle

A major disaster was averted early Sunday morning when a car sped past EMS workers and struck a wrecked vehicle on I-79. The incident occurred at approximately 7:09 a.m. January 12, when the driver of a 2000 Chevrolet Tahoe lost control of the vehicle, causing it to roll over, while headed south on I-79 near the 60.5 mile marker.
When first responders arrived on scene, one of the three occupants had been ejected from the accident. As they attempted to render aid, a second vehicle, a 2006 Pontiac Grand Am, struck the Tahoe as it lay on its side in the middle of the south bound lane. Miraculously no additional injuries occurred as a result.

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Grand Jury indicts 18

On Tuesday, February 9, the latest term of the Braxton County Grand Jury convened with the Honorable Richard A. Facemire, Circuit Court Judge presiding. The jury returned indictments against 18 individuals on a total of 85 various charges.
Bobby Allen Stillwell and Ronald Duffield, both of Strange Creek, were indicted on a total of eleven misdemeanor and felony charges. West Virginia State Police SR. TPR G. Jones, Braxton County Sheriff’s Department Deputy J. Jenkins, and Deputy T. Flint were the investigating officers for these cases. Stillwell is facing the felony charges of receiving and transferring of stolen goods and conspiracy to receive and transfer stolen goods.

McDonald’s owner presents
Leadership Lecture to freshmen

On Monday, February 13, Braxton County High School freshmen attended a leadership lecture presented by John Ebert, Owner/Operator of 41 McDonald’s Restaurants in West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania including the Flatwoods location.
Susan Dilly, Coordinator for Healthy Schools, collaborated with the Eagles Experience teacher, Marinda Locke, to bring this opportunity to the freshman class. The Eagles Experience class works with the students teaching leadership skill and to learn about different career opportunities.


Sutton man arrested on burglary
related charges

Gary “Boomer” Cogar, 29, of Sutton was recently charg-ed with grand larceny and burglary.
According to the criminal complaint, Braxton County Sheriff’s Department Deputy C.E. Westfall responded to a burglary in progress on Cline Drive on January 24. When he arrived on scene, the deputy talked with the caller. She stated she had walked into the residence to feed the cats and noticed someone in the basement. The caller said she saw someone leave the basement and run out of sight into the woods behind the residence.


Several have day in Circuit Court

Several court orders were recently completed by the Honorable Richard A. Facemire in the Braxton County Circuit Court. Braxton County Prosecuting Attorney Kelly Hamon McLaughlin represented the state for these hearings.
Teddy Campbell appeared before the court on January 18 for a plea hearing with his attorney, Tyler Mason. Both parties had reached a plea agreement for the felony charge of fraudulent schemes. The defendant agreed to plea guilty to the charge and the state agreed to dismiss all other charges that are pending and remain silent at sentencing. Campbell also agreed to pay restitution to the victim in the matter.





Welding students making advancments

Braxton County High School Welding Instructor, Jason Wayne, stated his students have been “busy and working hard” recently.
Two students, Adam Barnett and Colton Buckhannon, became certified in SMAW pipe and one student, Colton Knight in SMAW plate. Also, Wyatt Barrett was certified in GMAW plate. SMAW stands for Shielded Metal Arc Welding, which is stick welding, and GMAW stands for Gas Metal Arc Welding or what is more commonly know as mig welding.
All are planning to work in the welding field after graduation. Barnette specifically wants to be a boilermaker.

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