Vol. 42, No. 15

April 21, 2015

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Madison Oney signs to play softball at GSC

Lady Eagles’ catcher Madison Oney, the daughter of Shane and Jerry Oney, recently signed a letter of intent to play softball at Glenville State College.
A four-year varsity catcher for Braxton, Oney said she chose Glenville State because she “meshed well with the new coach, Kristen Tunno, and because the college is close to home.” She will also join another former Braxton graduate and softball player, Charity Ramsey.


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Marjie’s School of Music now open

Gassaway’s Elk Street now has one fewer empty buildings as Marjorie Foster has opened her School of Music in the building first occupied by Farmers’ and Merchants’ Bank and, for many years, Elk Lunch. Foster gives lessons in piano, organ, and voice.
The venue for her music school has lost all vestiges of the Elk Lunch which had, of course, erased most traces of the bank’s occupation. One really attractive remnant of the bank does, however, remain, thanks to Foster’s husband Randy.

Commission approves new
emergency services equipment

The first order of business at last Friday’s regular meeting of the Braxton County Commission was to hear a request from EMS/9-1-1 Director Mike Baker to purchase equipment for both agencies. Baker told the Commission that a protocol change by the state now required heart monitors on all ambulances. He stated that the cost of a Life-Pack 15 with the various needed accessories would run $36,868.50.























Braxton Circuit Court action: Given, Stalnaker sent to prison

On March 9, Joe Given made an appearance in Braxton County Circuit Court before the Honorable Richard A. Facemire for sentencing. Counsel David White represented the defendant. Kelly Hamon McLaughlin represented the state. The Court was addressed regarding sentencing in this matter in which Given moved for an alternate sentencing. The State did not object.
Given entered a plea to the felonious offense of sexual assault in the first degree as found in count one of the indictment and sexual assault in the first degree as found in count three of the indictment. Both offenses resulted in imprisonment in the state penitentiary for not less than one year nor more than five years. These sentences shall run consecutively for a combined sentence of not less than two years nor more than ten years. The Court ordered that Given will be given credit for the 55 days served awaiting disposition in this matter, which includes time spent in diagnosis and classification.

BCHS Top Ten
Senior Countdown

After she earns an undergraduate degree in psychology, Madison Oney—number four in the 2015 graduating class, plans to continue her education to pursue a PhD and become a pediatric psychiatrist.
The daughter of Jerri and Shane Oney gave several reasons for her choice of career. “Psychology class with Mr. [John] Frazier sparked my interest,” she said, adding “It made me want to know why people do what they do. I also spent time last summer shadowing a woman who worked in an autism clinic. That was a rewarding experience.” Asked why she has chosen to become a children’s psychiatrist, Oney replied, “I feel like children are so helpless. They haven’t done much to create problems that affect them.”







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