Vol. 41, No. 20

May, 19 ,2015

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Board of Education renews superintendent’s contract

By Shirley Shuman
At their May 12 meeting, members of the Braxton County Board of Education voted to renew Superintendent David Dilly’s contract. They also awarded him a raise of a little more than five thousand dollars.
Dilly, who became Superintendent of Braxton County Schools in July 2013, was given a four-year contract and will receive $104,000 for the upcoming year, according to Board Vice-President David Hoover. Board members also voted to give the superintendent an additional $2,000 for each of the last three years of his contract. With the raise, Dilly will be receiving more than the superintendents of neighboring counties Calhoun, Clay, Roane, and Webster unless they, too, receive raises. A total of 15 county superintendents in the state make less than the Braxton superintendent will be making.

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Fire destroys Sutton home

An early morning fire, Sunday, May 17 destroyed the home of a Sutton family. At approximately 8:20 a.m. the Sutton Volunteer Fire Department was alerted to a fire at 269 North Hamon
Avenue. Upon arrival, first responders found the mobile home of Betty Westfall fully engulfed in flames. Fortunately all occupants of the structure escaped uninjured.

Braxton Eagles win
Sectional Championship

With two consecutive wins over the Webster Highlanders last Monday and Tuesday, the Eagles’ baseball team emerged as champions of AA Section 4 of Region 1. The Eagles now move to a semi-regional game.
Braden Poling, pitching for the Eagles in Braxton’s 13-5 win Monday night, went six innings. He struck out four while giving up five hits and walking two. Brent McMillion pitched the seventh inning.
Stout and Backus each tripled in Monday’s game, and Stout, along with Poling, doubled. Brent McMillion, once again with a hot bat, was 2 for 2 with two RBIs. Backus, Troy McMillion, and Payton Lockard each had three hits in four at-bats. Lockard picked up three RBIs.


Burnsville VFD receives EQT Foundation grant

Burnsville Volunteer Fire Department recently received a grant from The EQT Foundation in the amount of $20,000. Burnsville VFD sought the grant to assist with the purchase of a 1,000 gallon pumper which will be delivered in 2016.
The EQT Foundation provides support to worthy charities and organizations that serve communities and individuals. The Foundation’s funding strategy endorses programs that directly touch the community and its residents, rather than fundraising initiatives designed to support general operating expenses. The Foundation supports projects that demonstrate positive, significant, measurable and sustainable impacts.


Town of Sutton’s Mayor request Commission’s support for SCBG funding

Sutton Mayor J.L. Campbell was one of the first to address the Braxton County Commission at their regular meeting on Friday, May 15. Mayor Campbell explained that the town was pursuing funding for the third phase of upgrading the sewer system in the city. He stated that the Town was applying for a Small Cities Block Grant (SCBG) to complete the three step improvement. He requested that the Commission write a letter of support and provide $10,000 to match the city’s $5,000 toward the project estimated to cost in the neighborhood of $500,000. After hearing the request, Commissioner Gary Ellyson made a motion to provide the letter of support and review the budget to see if they could accommodate the funding request.




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