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Cade Lancaster, #3 in BCHS Top 10 looks forward to college

By Shirley Shuman

The son of Chad and Christy Lancaster, Cade Lancaster declared that the most exciting thing in his life “is being accepted into WVU and into the Honor College.”  He explained that making it into the Honor College comes, first of all, through an invitation. “They send invitations to [high-ranking] students to apply to the Honor College. I received the invitation, I applied, and I was accepted.”

Obviously Lancaster plans to study at WVU where he will major in biochemistry as a forerunner to medical school. His career choice is pediatrics. “I have a cousin who is a pediatrician, and he likes it,” he said, “and I’ve always enjoyed helping people.”

His choice of his favorite class may reflect his interest in learning. Here, he chose College English taught by Janis Collins and explained why he chose it. “It’s a lot of critical thinking, and I hadn’t been exposed to that before,” he said. He also chose Mrs. Collins as his favorite teacher because “her class is unlike any I’d had before. She taught things in a different way, not like the teacher being a lecturer but with more interaction between students and the teacher.”

Lancaster’s choice of the best thing about Braxton County High is a compliment to the instructors he has had. “The best thing about our school is the class’s relationship with the teachers. I feel that problems I have in a class I can share with the teacher to get help. The teachers are always willing to help us.”

When he isn’t involved in academics, Lancaster enjoys “anything in the arts, whether it’s listening to or playing music.”  He plays guitar and enjoys drawing and painting. He said, “I just love doing anything involving creation. I also like exercising and hanging out with friends and my girlfriend.”  At school, he is vice president of the senior class and has participated in Math Field Day.

This young man chose to name his mother as the most important person in his life. “The most important person to me would have to be my mom,” he explained.   “For the majority of my life, my mother has helped me in my day-to-day life more than anyone—in elementary school helping to put out my clothes in the morning and making sure that I got to school on time. Now [it’s] making sure I stay responsible and helping me get ready to be independent in college,” he said.

Cade Lancaster is apparently eager and ready to begin his college years. The anticipation that he possesses for the next step is something he shares with others in the Top 10.