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Top 10’s #4 (tie) Nickolas Brown has a busy life at BCHS

By Shirley Shuman

Nicholas Brown’s time at Braxton County High has included many activities in addition to his classes. The son of Shane and Pamela Brown, he played soccer all four years and was captain his junior and senior years. He also belongs to the local chapter of the National Honor Society and the BCHS Student Council. In addition to that, he and a classmate began a trivia team, intending to compete against teams from other schools. They learned the requirement for a teacher to sponsor such a group and persuaded Allie Suesli to help them. Brown explained that they did manage one school-to-school competition.

Suesli is also the teacher of Brown’s favorite high school class. He chose her World History, and said, “It was a very interesting and interactive class. It was also fun because we got to use our imaginations.”

Brown went back to middle school for his favorite teacher, Lori Dittman. “I’ve always liked history, and I was part of the Youth and Government program. We got to spend three days at the Capitol for that. I also liked Mrs. Dittman’s class,” he said.

One thing this student finds exciting is travel.  “I love to travel and go places,” Brown said. “It gives you new views and perspectives of what different people’s lives are when you live in different places.”

Instead of choosing one person as the “most interesting person he knows,” he explained that most people he knows “are really similar” and added, “They also resemble their friends in the way that they act.”

Brown is undecided where he wants to continue his education. He did indicate, however, that he plans to begin with a pre-law major. “I’ll probably go into political science,” he said. Right now, I’m shooting for law school.”

Nickolas Brown may not have chosen the university he’ll attend this fall, but he knows what he wants to do.  He’ll most surely get where he wants to go.