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Salutatorian Martin plans to enter the medical field

By Shirley Shuman

Salutatorian Riley Elizabeth Martin will enter West Virginia University this fall to major in public health. She explained that she plans to continue her education by going to medical school to become a doctor. Martin mentioned, too, that while she was attending a HSTA camp, she had met an individual who worked in public health and learned about some of the different things that are included in that field. She said she found those options interesting.

Martin has been busy during her time at Braxton County High. She belongs to HSTA, the local chapter of the National Honor Society, and the student council. Out of school, she enjoys baking and bakes often. She also enjoys spending time with friends. Included in her outside activities is her relationship with her sisters. Martin chose her sisters as the most interesting people she knows “because of the way they view the world.”  She explained, “They just have unique personalities and outlooks on the world in comparison to the majority of people.”

Continuing with school-related comments, Martin chose as her favorite class College English to Janis Collins.  “It truly taught me writing and how to do research writing,” she said. “We also learned how to format a research paper correctly.”

Her favorite teacher is science teacher Jill Lemon. “Ms. Lemon is a really nice and fun teacher. I’ve taken three classes to her. She’s a really nice person and teaches really well,” Martin noted.

She thinks the best thing about Braxton County High School is “the variety of classes we can take and the fact that we can earn an associate degree while we are still in high school.”  She added, “I will be receiving an associate  degree with a focus on social sciences when I graduate.”

Riley Martin apparently wants to get ahead quickly as she will enter WVU with several hours of college work completed with the associate degree.