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Magistrate proposes building new court facility for county

Braxton County Magistrate David Singleton proposed building a new court facility to the County Commission at their meeting last Friday, June 2. Singleton explained that the courthouse annex building was appraised at $500,000 and it didn’t make good sense to invest $600,000 in the heating and air conditioning of a building that old. Singleton presented the Commission with cost estimates from a neighboring county where they had built a building for just a little more than the proposed repair costs at the annex. Commission President Lisa Godwin added that she had also spoken with that county but thought the costs were for the shell structure only.

Commissioner Larry Clifton stated that he had been getting prices for other systems at the annex that were substantially cheaper and hoped the readvertise-ment would be productive. President Godwin thanked Magistrate Singleton for his input and interest and stated the matter would be further discussed in a work session.

Barbara Adams, Chairwoman of the EMS & 9-1-1 Board was first to address the Commission. She was representing OES-9-1-1 Director John Hoffman. Adams presented activity reports for the month of May for the Ambulance Service and Braxton Control.

In a separate action, Adams presented letters from Hoffman requesting permission to hire Holly E. Cunningham as a part-time Medic/Driver, Jennifer D. Clark as a part-time EMT/Driver, and Jennifer N. Fletcher as a part-time EMT/Driver. Fletcher will be paid $17.50 per hour, Clark $16.50 per hour and Cunningham $21.50 per hour. None will receive county benefits, and all will serve a 90 probationary period. That request was granted on a motion by Larry Clifton.

Kim Jarrett, County Humane Office requested that the Commission allow the Animal Shelter to change the way Rabies vaccinations are given to animals that come into the facility. Jarrett said they wanted to vaccinate the dogs upon intake to reduce the likelihood of disease spreading opposed to the current plan of administration the medication at the time the animals are adopted to placed with a rescue. A motion by Melvin Gum gave Shelter staff the ability to make the change.

Prosecuting Attorney Dwayne Vandevender explained to the Commission that his advertisement for a paralegal had not been very productive, but he did have a good candidate for the vacancy. The PA requested permission to hire Heather Armentrout as a paralegal beginning June 19 at a salary of $36,000 per year plus county benefits. She will service a 90-day probationary period.

Vandevender also requested permission to raise the salary of Mary Beth Smith to $38,000 effective the next pay period. Both requests were granted via separate motions.

In other action, Larry Clifton made a motion to approve the probate appointments as presented for the month of May.

Applications for corrections of erroneous assessments for the following were approved: Homer & Loueta Gibson, Robert L. Jack Trust, Melinda Dever.

James and Donna Hanshaw were granted permission to consolidate contiguous tract of land for tax purposes on a motion by Larry Clifton.

Only one purchase order was up for consideration. The Sheriff was given permission to purchase uniform equipment from All American Uniforms for a new deputy at a cost $595.72.

Larry Clifton explained that he and Commissioner Gum had viewed the used trucks on the bid from Mark LeRose for the Animal Shelter and both agreed that the 2016 Ram was the best buy at a cost of $31,940. Clifton introduced action to purchase that vehicle.

Several internal budget revisions were approved as presented.

The Commission approved a repair work order/safety test for TK Elevator Corporation on elevators at the courthouse complex.

Following a discussion Melvin Gum introduced a motion to allocate $15,625 from the Allocation of Lost Revenue/ARP Funds to help with signage and sidewalks to connect the Town of Gassaway to the Elk River Trail system. The amount will be a match portion in conjunction with the Town.

The Commission tabled action on a request form Sugar Creek PSD for materials and a used backhoe to be funded by the Lost Revenue/ARP Funds.

Following reviews, separate motions by Melvin Gum approved the County and EMS invoices for payment and the minutes of the Commission’s regular meeting on May 19 and Special Meeting of May 26.

Being no additional matters requiring action, the meeting adjourned at 10:55 a.m. The next meeting of the County Commission is on June 16 at 9:00 a.m.