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Renovation of BCHS athletic building approved

Building will be named for Sterling Beane

By Shirley Shuman

In a recent special meeting, the Braxton County Board of Education approved renovation of the high school athletic building. Built in 1975, the structure has long  failed to meet the needs of the school’s athletes and spectators,  according to those proposing the renovation.

Board members discussed several problems which exist with the current structure. For example, female athletes have no separate facilities, spectator restrooms need updated, there is no designated away locker room, there is no designated wrestling mat area for year-round use, officials have no dressing area, and concerns exist about the concession stand.

Plans for the renovation show improvement in each of the areas listed. The building will be expanded toward the football field and will take the area of the parking lot now in front of the building. The entrance, instead of facing the field, will face the driveway and the high school parking lot. The inside of the building will also be reconstructed to accommodate all of the changes. In addition to these changes, plans to improve the football field and to add a two-lane track around the field are underway.

Superintendent Donna Burge-Tetrick emphasized that this renovation will definitely take place. She also mentioned that those planning the changes asked students to help design the renovated building. Burge-Tetrick wants to see as many students as possible help with the actual renovation and said she sees the CTE students having a big role in the actual work. “All of this gives students a sense of pride in their school,”  she said.

Asked about funding for this project, the superintendent referred to “sweat equity” and said she hopes to see many volunteers. “People want to help. They are happy  with the change and want to support the work,” she said. “Some plan to donate equipment, some are planning to donate a lot of materials, and some will volunteer to do actual work.”

Dr. Burge-Tetrick hopes to use money once raised by individuals looking to improve the sports facilities at the high school as part of the funding. “There is $50,000 remaining in that account, and I have spoken to two individuals associated with that project who are willing for us to use the money,” she said. In addition, she hopes for—and actually expects financial donations. Then, if funding is still inadequate, she will ask the Board of Education to approve money from the general fund to complete the project. The superintendent also stressed that she and the Board of Education welcome any individual donations or volunteering.

Also included in the plans for the renovated building is the intention to name the building for Coach Sterling Beane in honor of all that he has done for sports at Braxton County High School. Dr. Burge-Tetrick stressed that Coach Beane, who began the wrestling program at the high school and has coached it since and also coached baseball and football, definitely deserves this honor.