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County Buys New Ambulance For EMS

Employees and patients of the Braxton County Emergency Ambulance Service got an early Christmas gift on Wednesday, December 20th, when the County Commission met in special session. The purpose of the extra meeting was to consider the purchase of a new ambulance that had just become available.
Consideration of the new vehicle comes on the heels of nearly a two-year wait for two new units the county has had on order for an extended period of time. Tiffany Prior, EMS Director, told the Commission that one of those vehicles was now scheduled for delivery in March 2024 and the second one 75 days later.
Prior also discussed the extensive amount of mileage on the current ambulance fleet and the fact that one of those four units was currently “on it’s last legs” as reason for purchasing the vehicle.
She outlined two available units. One was a Transit Van from Penn Care costing $119,000 and the second was from Atlantic Emergency Solutions, a box style ambulance costing $190,000. Prior explained that either unit would need to be equipped with a power cot costing an additional $68,275.44.
During the discussion, the Commission paused to go outside and examine the demo vehicle which had been brought to the meeting.
Upon return from the onsite inspection, Lisa Godwin stated that with availability, her opinion was that the box unit would better serve the immediate needs of the EMS. “With two additional box units scheduled to arrive in early 2024, and the realistic possibility that funding from the State will be available to purchase two addition transit vans next year, I believe the unit we have here today would best fit our needs,” the President explained. She added that ARP Funding was available to cover the costs of the vehicle and cot.
When the salesman returned to the meeting, he told the Commission that his company was willing to include the graphics package (an additional cost of $2,000 to $6,000) at no additional charge. Melvin Gum made a motion to approve the purchase, which should be delivered before the first of the year.
Consideration of the purchase of the cot was deferred to the Commission’s January 5 regular meeting since it was not on the special meeting agenda and could not be considered.