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New business opens on Main Street in Sutton

By Shirley Shuman

Those looking for camo objects, costume jewelry, glassware and other collectables now have a local source from which to buy them. John Patterson, who lived in Sutton at one time and recently returned from South Carolina, opened the store at 197 Main Street in Sutton a few weeks ago

Patterson explained he moved back to Braxton because he has four sisters and a brother who live in the area. “Since my family is from here, and I was looking for new opportunities, I decided to come back,” he said. Continuing, he noted, “I wanted to own a store, and when I chose to move back, I saw it as an opportunity for that.”

His merchandise comes from estate sales in South Carolina and West Virginia, and business has been good so far, according to the new owner. Asked what is selling best, he answered, “A lot of jewelry, a lot of knickknacks— collectables, and camo. Camo has been selling because it’s the season for hunting, and I also have some hunting things.”   Those include deer and turkey slings along with deer and bear drags which hook onto four-wheelers.  Patterson’s Collect-ables is open four days a week: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and John Patterson looks forward to meeting new customers.