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Off to a good start…

Last week we had an unexpected guest at our office. Judge Mike Asbury stopped by to introduce himself. I had never met the new Judge, so it was good to put a face with the name and discuss some issues that I felt were important to our community.

I didn’t beat around the bush, after exchanging greetings and some casual talk I told him I was rather straight forward and I would like to clarify a rumor that had been circulating. It probably wasn’t the proper thing to do during a first meeting but I believe in getting to the point.

I had heard several people saying that the new Judge was going to move the main courtroom to Clay, so I asked Judge Asbury if that was true. He was quick to respond. He said he had no intention of making any such change. He said Braxton had been the hub of the circuit for decades and he felt it should stay that way. He went on to tell me that he had retained Judge Facemire’s staff and was hoping for a seamless transition.

That was good news. The balance of our discussion centered around the working relationship our papers have with the Judge’s office. Judge Asbury thought the concept was productive, so I am confident we will still have a good communication path and relationship with the new administration.

I wish Judge Asbury well as he embarks on his new journey. I also want to thank him for taking time to stop by our office to introduce himself.

It was birthday weekend at the lake this weekend. We celebrated granddaughter Carly’s birthday who is now 20 and Jeanine’s. I’ll get in trouble if I mention her age. At any rate it was a great time. As always, we had great food and company to share the festive times with.

I used to really like picking out gifts for our children and grandchildren. I really tried to find something that matched their likes or that they could use. As they have gotten older that has become more and more difficult. Carly made it easy when she confided in her Nana that money or a gift card would be just fine.

Jeanine is not easy either. She always says jewelry is fine. I’m not much of a jewelry connoisseur. It is difficult to really pick out quality merchandise. Plus… one of the first gifts I got Jeanine, when we were first married, was a set of diamond earrings. At that time in our life, I paid way more money than I should have for them. Of course, she loved them which was good for me. The very next week she went swimming at the lake and came out of the water, without one of the earrings. Since then, I won’t say I haven’t bought jewelry for my wife, but she has to be really persistent to persuade me. As of this writing I haven’t come through with a birthday present for Jeanine yet. I’m leaning more and more towards taking a page out of Carly’s book. Then if it’s jewelry she buys, I won’t feel as bad when she loses it.