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Father’s Day and more…

Thankfully, Jeanine and I have both had a better week. I am cautiously optimistic that we are about to put this nasty stuff behind us.

You will notice a letter on this page regarding a previous column I wrote about 9-1-1 fee increases on land lines. Mr. Oldman makes some good points and I’m glad he took the time to share his opinions with our readers. Unfortunately, due to the illnesses, I have not had the time to get back on track regarding my investigation into the need for the rate increase.

My opposition is two-fold. One, I believe those who will be most inconvenienced by the rate hike will be senior citizens and small businesses… the ones that can least afford further financial woes. I also believe that the money generated is irrelevant compared to the prolific increase in cell phone usage and the higher 9-1-1 fees that apply to them.

I am open minded. Since I set up the current 9-1-1 system, I am well aware of its’ importance. I just want to see for myself that there is truly a need, and that the money will be used wisely. I hope to get back on that task very soon.

I liked Brent Boggs’ column this week. The loss of a loved one is always difficult to adjust to. It is great to see that Brent is relying on the memories of all the good times to help him through these troublesome hours.

He mentioned Father’s Day which I must admit slipped up on me. In thinking about the special day, I couldn’t help but think about my own father whom I lost at the young age of just 18. I still miss my Dad and think of him often. I remember the great fishing trips we had on the Elk River around Gassaway as well as lots of other great memories. I just regret that he never got to meet and enjoy Marty’s nor my children. I think he would have been very proud of the adults they have become. I am equally sad that they did not have the opportunity to meet him and formulate their own memories with their grandfather.

I am also reminded of how lucky I am to have had all these years with my children, grandchildren and now great grandchild. It is truly a blessing. I must admit, for me every day is father’s day when it comes to being a part of their lives.