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Sugar Creek Mausoleum damaged during vandalism

By Shirley Shuman

On the night of May 29, vandals seriously damaged the mausoleum in the Sugar Creek Cemetery. Board of Trustees treasurer Eva Tonkin reported that the damage included breaking off “a huge piece of one of the cement doors and destruction of one hinge.”  Tonkin noted that whoever did the damage failed to get into the mausoleum itself.

The trustees did report the damage to a WV State Police officer who informed them he would email the information to the local State Police office. The trustees’ treasurer is personally offering a $100 reward to anyone who provides information leading to the arrest of the guilty parties. That information may be reported to the local WV State Police or to Tonkin and the other cemetery board of trustees members.

Tonkin indicated that those in charge of replacing the damaged door are facing a real challenge. “I don’t know where we can get a cement door for a mausoleum,” she said. She estimated that replacement will cost “close to $10,000” and noted that they do not have the money available for a repair that expensive.  She added, “If anyone wishes to make a donation toward a fund for repair, we would greatly appreciate that.” For further information, call Eva Tonkin at 304-364-8053 after five p.m. Monday through Friday or anytime Saturday and Sunday.