Mattias Garvaglia, #5 of 2023 class plans career in business

By Shirley Shuman

After graduation,  Mattias Garvaglia plans to attend either Liberty University or Marshall University, and he says he’s “leaning toward Marshall.”  He noted, “Marshall has a strong business program, and I like the compact campus.”  Garvaglia also sees Marshall as having the kind of culture he appreciates. “They see students as individuals,” he said. The son of Rick and Tracy Garavaglia will major in some area of business but noted he will make a definite decision once he has begun his college career.

Considering his college and career plans, it is not surprising that this senior chose business classes as his favorite. “I learned the ins and outs about business in those classes,” he said. He also chose his business teacher, Sarah Dennison, as a favorite teacher. “Mrs. Dennison always concentrated on what I want to do in the future,” he said, “listening to me and helping me.” Garavaglia also chose to thank Mackenzie Helmick “for always being super-positive, uplifting, and helpful.”

In addition to his academic work, Garavaglia has been busy with extracurricular activities. A four-year varsity soccer player and basketball player, he also kicked for the football team in the past season. He belongs to Future Business Leaders of America, the local chapter of the National Honor Society, and is senior class treasurer. Outside of school, Garavaglia enjoys hanging out with friends along with attending church and participating in his church’s many activities as well as in community activities.

Asked what he has enjoyed most about high school, he responded, “I enjoyed most the high school atmosphere when it came to sports. For me, it’s playing in the big game when we walk on the field and just feel the atmosphere and hear the crowd cheering.”  He added, “This lets us forget about everything else and we just focus on the game.”

In addition to what he enjoyed most during his high school career, he spoke about what impacted him most in that time. “The biggest impact is also the teachers, but mostly it’s the friends I’ve made because I know I can always depend on them throughout my life,” he said.

If Matthias Garavaglia could change anything about his years at Braxton County High School, he noted, “From the beginning, I should have focused on others’ needs more thinking about myself. In the last two years, I have focused less on myself and more on others.”

And this young man’s advice to incoming freshmen?  “Don’t go into high school thinking everything revolves around you.”