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Pritt is Braxton Schools Personnel of the Year

By Shirley Shuman

Kelly Pritt, currently in her fifth year as secretary at Braxton County Middle School, was recently chosen as Braxton County Schools Personnel of the Year. Pritt, who holds a Business Management degree from West Virginia State University, explained that she became a secretary “because I saw a need.”

“A friend, who worked as a secretary, had to be off work for a while, and I realized the need for substitute secretaries.  I tried that and decided that’s what I’d like to do. The job at the middle school came open, I applied for it, and I’ve been here for almost five years,”  she said. Pritt enjoys her job and appreciates those with whom she works. “I would like to thank the wonderful staff and administrators at BCMS for all of their support and kind words; they are a true pleasure to work with,” she noted.

Pritt exudes energy and enthusiasm when she talks about her work. “I love working at the middle school,” she said. “I enjoy being able to interact with students and staff, and I enjoy watching the students grow and mature from the sixth grade through the eighth grade.” What she likes least about her job also relates to students but still in a positive manner.  “What I like least is seeing the kids leave. They grow up and move on. I miss them.”

Listing her basic duties, Pritt said she performs “the basic duties of a school secretary,”  which for her include taking care of finances, recording attendance, assisting staff with whatever they need, and, of course, answering the phone and tending to the doors.

Pritt and her husband Tod have two children—Thomas, an adult, and Lauren, a high school student and athlete. Asked about hobbies, she replied, “Tod and I spend a lot of time going to sporting events, both middle school and high school.”  Their daughter Lauren plays soccer and basketball.

Pritt also enjoys crafting, including woodworking, and she paints—but not paintings. She has, with other volunteers sometimes,  painted various interior areas of the middle school, including the weight room. Other areas where she has applied her paint brush include the cafeteria pillars and some of the classrooms.