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JGC distributes trees tocounty’s 4th grade students

When spring arrives the members of Judy’s Garden Club are preparing and distributing pine tree seedlings for 4th grade students in Braxton County. This event has been a tradition for decades. The Elk Conservation District provides the healthy green seedlings that members then wrap individually to keep the roots moist and ready for planting.
In the classroom there is a discussion on the importance of planting trees and their benefit to the environment. The proper placement and planting method is also explained to give these seedlings the best chance of surviving hazards like deer damage, a dry season and mowers. This year the JGC members suggested that the 4th graders grow the seedling till the spring of 2024 and take a photo to show the JGC members how the seedling have progressed in a year! Perhaps there will be some “do’s and do not’s” for the new 4th grade planters!
This spring is special for Judy’s Garden Club as members prepare for the National Garden Club to meet at the Greenbrier in May. A special seed packet was prepared with the aid of the BCHS art class.
May 6 is the opening for the Sutton Farmers’ Market from 8-noon and Judy’s Garden Club will be present with plants, information, raffles and a welcoming smile for spring!
The April meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 11. Contact any member for information or call 765-7873. “Happy Gardening!”