Braxton Citizens' News, Town Meeting

Board hears public concerns in executive session

The Braxton County Board of Education held their most recent meeting on October 4 at 6:00 pm in the board office.

The meeting opened with four individuals, Danielle Shanabarger, Sabryna Moats, Amanda Gum and Brian White, signed up to speak to board members with concerns at Flatwoods Elementary. Shanabarger was the first to speak. Board President Evelyn Post requested the board listen to her concerns and the others in executive session due to personnel being discussed and confidentiality.

The board went into executive session at 6:06 pm on a motion by Dr. Kenna Seal and reconvened back to regular session at 7:45 pm. No decisions were made during the executive session. The board stated the concerns about school safety will be investigated.

Superintendent Dr. Rhonda Combs updated the board on a discussion from a previous meeting. The schools do not have a policy in place for Narcan training. She and Christina Bailey are working with the Braxton County Health Department on getting Narcan trainings scheduled starting with the high school.

She stated Tim Via attended a training in Charleston on safety and crisis management. A page will be added to the website for updates on the safety and crisis management team.

Dr. Combs informed the board that the National Merit Scholarship qualifying test would be administered on October 12 at the high school.

The board was informed that Dr. Brenda Wells and President Post joined Dr. Combs in a meeting with Brian Cooper from the Department of Highways to work on the flooding issue at Flatwoods Elementary. Work will be done to try to keep the culvert clear and they would be working on long term plans.

She also met with Community Care to make sure proper services were being taken care of and students would have appropriate services provided to them.

She stated she is reviewing the parent volunteer policy and will be having a meeting on the subject. Dr. Combs noted she was working on going through policies to update those that need attention.

She is working with elementary principals on disciplinary policies and keeping them consistent through all elementary schools.

Dr. Combs met with representatives from Marshall University June Harless Center concerning the instructional support services being received at Sutton and Flatwoods in early reading skills for first and second grade.

She stated she is working on not being impulsive on responses to concerns coming into the office, but instead she wants to investigate and get the full story before responding.

Dr. Seal asked about the recent national recognition for the Community In Schools program at Sutton Elementary. Dr. Combs stated the representatives would be coming to the school for the recognition in November.

Dr. Seal also asked for an update on the school safety sign at Frametown. Dr. Wells stated a retired staff member had the controls and was working on getting the sign repaired.

On a motion by Lisa Ratliff, the board approved the following consent agenda items: minutes of September 20 meeting; transportation requests; payment of bills; and budget transfers and supplements.

The following professional, service and extra-curricular personnel recommendations were approved on a motion by Kevin Gregory: employment for Katie Perry-Lockard, substitute teacher, Peyton Smith, substitute teacher, Joseph McMillion, mentor, elementary, music, Zackary Harrison, substitute aide, Megan Kesling, substitute custodian, Nathaniel Putnam, mechanic/bus operator, Mark Smyth, from bus #30A to bus #37A, Duane Williams, head wrestling coach, BCMS, Amanda Criner, $1 assistant golf coach, and Danielle Berry, $1 assistant volleyball coach, BCHS; resignations for Jennifer Miller, WV Virtual School Facilitator, BCMS, and Diane Allison, substitute teacher; and approval of contract agreement between principal and supervising aide for Robin James, Flatwoods.

The board discussed visiting all eight schools for the LSIC presentations. Dr. Combs would work up the schedule for approval at the next meeting.

The board approved all fundraisers as presented on a motion by Dr. Seal.

The following parent volunteers were approved on a motion by Lisa Ratliff: Flatwoods-Aleta Jarrell, Brian White, Alicia White, Amanda D. Gum, Teia Wine, Alexis Sligar, Susan Critchley, Moriah Scher; Burnsville-Alan Strader, Andrea Huffman, India Henline; Little Birch- Brenda Morton, Shayna Belknap; Frametown-Danielle Blair, Patty McCumbers; and Davis-Karen Armstead, Charles Armstead.

The agenda item for a discussion on pending litigations was tabled as the attorney was unable to make the meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 8:12 pm. The next regular meeting is scheduled for October 18. As always, members of the Braxton County community are encouraged to attend regular board meetings. Anyone wishing to speak as a delegate or with public concerns may do so by signing in up to 15 minutes prior to the start of the meeting.