Braxton Citizens' News, Town Meeting

Town of Sutton proclaims Constitution Week

Sutton Mayor JD Hoover called the September 8 meeting to order at 6:00 pm. Recorder Laurel Petolicchio was the only member absent.

The meeting opened with a request from Elizabeth Stewart and Beth Atkins from the Elk River Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR). They requested Mayor Hoover to proclaim the week of September 17-23 to be “Constitution Week” in the town. The request was granted as the mayor signed the proclamation asking citizens to reflect on the constitution and what it means to be an American.

Mayor Hoover updated council that the deed transfer for the property on Main Street had been completed.

Beth Atkins spoke on behalf of the Judy’s Garden Club. They have been working with the fifth grade class at Sutton Elementary in the community garden behind City National Bank. She requested council recognize those students with a certification of appreciation later in the month. She also stated she had been working with Elizabeth Stewart on documenting a brief history of Sutton.

The new Library Director for the Sutton Public Library Samantha Foster gave a brief presentation to council members on what programs are going on at the library and thanked them for their continued support.

Steve Facemire updated council on a concern that was addressed at the previous meeting of water issues on a property on Town Hill. He noted he had been observing the water issue during recent rains and it seems to be a private property issue as the water runoff is actually coming from a neighbor’s property. He also discussed issues with drainage in other areas of town as well as work on culverts and ditches. Steve Facemire noted the paving of the alley next to the school had been completed.

Jon Crum brought up a concern of erosion on North Hill Road. Robyn Dolan will work on setting up a meeting with the Department of Highways to discuss that issue as it is a county road.

Steve Facemire brought up a concern of public safety with the sculpture having sharp edges and blocking the sidewalk on Main Street. Police Chief Shane Boggs noted the owner received citations for the blockage of the road. He suggested the town send a registered letter requesting the sculpture be removed in a timely manner.

Also discussed was the work being completed on the gas line. Council members noted the reclamation of the area along the river and main road looked good.

Chief Boggs briefly updated council on his department. Work was ongoing on several investigations and his department worked with the Sutton Volunteer Fire Department with traffic control while they cleaned the bridge in Sutton.

Municipal Clerk Smith updated the council on the recycling truck inspection. The inspection went good other than the damage done to the door. Once the door is repaired, the truck will be re-inspected and the title should be released to the town in January. Beth Atkins noted the Burnsville town clerk had contacted the town about picking up their recycling. Apparently a deal had been made with the previous administration for Sutton to pick up recycling in Burnsville even though there was no monetary compensation. Burnsville was informed that this administration would not be doing the recycling pick up for them.

Council discussed the town seal still has not been located. Mayor Hoover will contact the Attorney General’s office to see about getting a replacement seal. 

Jon Crum reported on an issue with the main trusses under the stage at the Farmers Market. Supplies and boards would be purchased to repair and reinforce the trusses.

Steve Facemire noted that the plow truck will need four new tires before winter. He also informed council that he was looking into salt spreaders currently up for bid at the state surplus auction for parts for the town’s salt spreader.

Beth Atkins stated another company would be coming in to give a quote on a chairlift for the community building. Steve Facemire stated he has not had any luck finding another estimate on an elevator.

Council briefly discussed the upcoming Fall Festival on October 1. Municipal Clerk Robin Smith also spoke to the county commission gaining permission to decorate around the courthouse for Christmas.

Jon Crum updated council on his progress with the work on the ordinances. While talking about ordinances, Steve Facemire brought up an issue with individuals using the town trash receptacles for their personal garbage and if there was an ordinance on that.

Beth Atkins presented additional quotes for the banners and their brackets. She is hoping to have an estimate by the next meeting for final approval by council.

In regular business, council approved the August 25 meeting minutes with one correction on a motion by Steve Facemire. Also approved on a motion by Robyn Dolan were the bills as presented after a brief discussion on the phone bill and the purchase of Benadryl for the first aid kits.

On two motions by Steve Facemire, council approved to pay mileage for Municipal Clerk Robin Smith and Recorder Laurel Petolicchio to attend the State Auditor’s training in Bridgeport on October 11 and for Municipal Judge Rodney Jamison and Municipal Clerk Robin Smith to attend the Municipal Court training on October 31 to November 1.

The bid for roof repair was approved by the council on a motion by Catherine Hoover. Council discussed options on how to get more bids for projects in town moving forward including contacting other towns and using Region VII.

Council went into executive session at 7:20 pm to discuss personnel. They reconvened at 7:40 pm. On a motion by Steve Facemire, council approved to hire Danny Bushnell as a part-time town employee.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:41 pm. The next regular meeting will be September 22 at 6:00 pm.