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Sutton Town Council meeting

The Sutton Town Council conducted their most recent meeting on March 10.

During the meeting, the council approved to accept the resignation of Marsha Lloyd as council member. Council unanimously approved Jonathan Crum to fill her position. He will appear before Judge Richard Facemire on Monday, March 14 at 2:30 pm to be sworn in. Jason Boggs will also be sworn in at that time as a town police officer.

Mayor JD Hoover reported that the Municipal Court is now up and running. He also noted the construction of the new secure offices for law enforcement had been completed by S&S Improvements.

Council members discussed the changes to fees listed in the ordinances. The fees have not been updated since 1989. The new fees are out for public review and comment in the Mayor’s office. The new fees will be approved during the March 24 regular meeting. Updating the fees will allow for proper assessment during Municipal Court as court costs set by the state have changed.

Executive Clerk Robin Smith informed council according to the state auditor’s office, the town has to allow credit card payment as an option for fines and court costs. Those fees were added to the new fees out for review.

Steve Facemire updated council on work done on ditches and drains. Work is still being completed on the culvert cleaner to get it functioning properly.

He also discussed plans for the predicted snow storm. Town employees would be out salting intersections Friday evening and plans were in place for the plowing of streets Saturday.

Council discussed plans for concrete on the sidewalk on N. Fifth Street.

Beth Atkins asked about working on the parking meters. Robin Smith said she had spoken with a person in Weston to see if the ones they have removed recently were the same type. Police Chief Shane Boggs suggested speaking to Gassaway as well.

Robin Dolan updated council on her ride along with Justin Meadows from the Department of Highways. Issues with state maintained roads will be able to be completed. Council discussed getting regrind from the DOH to fix issues on town maintained streets.

Chief Boggs introduced the new officer, Jason Boggs, to council members. He provided updates on the police department including the new decals on the cruisers, contract work with the Braxton County Sheriff’s Department, and radios and radars received from the WVSP. The deputy contracted to work in Sutton will be out on patrol Friday night. Chief Boggs also stated one night soon multiple officers from different agencies will be out patrolling the town. He thanked both the BCSD and the WVSP in their assistance and willingness to work with him on getting the police department up and running.

He also discussed the recent Municipal Court hearings. Most individuals showed up for court and paid their fines. Chief Boggs state a couple of individuals did not show and certified letters would be sent out. He noted that any arrestable offense beyond basic traffic citations would be completed through Magistrate Court.

Steve Facemire stated work was being completed on the demolition of the old tractor trailer left in the dump. Once it is complete, the metal will be taken to Coffman’s Metal.

Robin Smith updated the council on the front door replacement. She stated the door was scheduled to be in by the end of the month. Once it is received, the contractor would do the installation.

Mayor Hoover discussed a plan brought to him by Shane Brown for juvenile reform. Brown was unable to attend the meeting but hopefully can make a future meeting to discuss the program.

Recorder Laurel Petolicchio discussed the plans for road closures on June 25 for the WV Bigfoot Festival.

The council discussed the Sutton Community Development Corporation and their report at the last meeting of focusing on the Sutton Fall Festival. Beth Atkins stated she felt their intent was not to drop other projects. However, Steve Facemire and Mayor Hoover said it sounded like they would be focusing only on the Fall Festival. The Farmer’s Market and the flower pots were mentioned by the SCDC as projects they would not be working on. Citizens are concerned if they will be in place this year and are willing to step forward to help with these projects if needed, especially since the season is quickly approaching. Council has a work session scheduled with the SCDC on March 15 and hopes for clarification.

On a motion by Steve Facemire, council approved to close Main Street from Second Street to Fifth Street allowing for traffic to come off Town Hill and continue onto Third Street to Riverview Drive and the closure of Fourth Street.

Under regular business, council approved the minutes of the February 24 regular meeting, with corrections, and the March 1 work session on separate motions.

The payment of bills was approved by council members. Steven Facemire asked for a better description of items such as “equipment.” Robin Smith stated the line item does not allow for a breakdown, but she does include that information in the memo of the listing. He also requested getting the balance sheet items updated and accurate. It was noted that the REIP truck would not be listed as a town property until the grant expires in December 2022. Catherine Hoover asked about the payment to Casto & Harris. She was informed that was for updating the municipal court books. Council members also briefly discussed the budget being submitted to the state for approval.

Council approved the two construction permits submitted on a single motion.

At 7:17 pm, council went into executive session to discuss personnel. They reconvened at 7:38pm. The council approved the Mayor’s recommendation of the suspension of a town employee.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 pm. The next regular meeting is March 24 at 6:00 pm.