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Miserable week…

I have had a week that I hope I don’t have to repeat anytime in the near future. Last Monday seemed to be a normal one. That is until the early morning hours of Tuesday with I woke up heading for the bathroom. As it turned out, that was largely my home for the rest of the week.

I have had COVID 4 times and even at it’s worse, it didn’t even get close to this virus. I spend most of my time with diarrhea and throwing up. Both were uncontrollable and violent (yes, I know that’s way too much information). I was unable to eat, in fact I was unable to do nearly anything.

Jeanine gave it to me. She had similar symptoms over the weekend. It was hard on her but not to the extent that I suffered. Her biggest problem was that she was scheduled to have knee replacement surgery on Wednesday. With the storm in Charleston early in the week, she was unable to find out if her bout with the flu would delay her long-awaited procedure.

Obviously, I was not in any position to take her, since I couldn’t be away from the bathroom for more than 10 minutes. Krystal loaded her up bright and early Wednesday and headed out in hopes that her recent ailment wouldn’t derail things.

As it turned out, it didn’t, and all went well. She had to stay in the hospital overnight but was headed home by mid-afternoon Thursday with new body parts and all. She is on very limited duty, and I certainly was in no position to help her, so Krystal took her to her house for nursing. She remained under her care until Saturday, by which time I was beginning to feel human again, plus granddaughter Ava was there to help.

My girls at the office took care of the work environment and boy… was that a blessing. I can’t say enough about how Janet, Jennifer and Sonya stepped up and did all that had to be done. Their behind the scenes efforts become more and more valuable as I get older.

Monday was my first day back and I am still dragging, but I am here, and at this late hour, I believe the paper will be out on time. I apologize for my tardiness in answering emails… I only had 500+ to sort thought this morning.

I also apologize for the delays in some stories that should have already been in print. We will work diligently to correct the deficiencies.

I am looking forward to a better week… I don’t think I could stand a repeat of the past one. I never thought I would say this… but I’ll take COVID anything over whatever this crap was!