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Warrant Leads to Six Arrested on Drug Charges

On March 29, Troopers B. J. Wiley and A. L. Groves, of the Sutton Detachment of the West Virginia State Police, accompanied by BC Deputy Sheriff Andrew Jordan went to 105 Dennison Mountain Road, Little Birch to server a warrant on Noah Kushak.
Upon arriving at the residence, officers detected the odor of what they believed to be marijuana coming from the home. Trooper Groves also observed a male subject attempting the leave the house through a window.
Further investigation by the officers revealed three male subjects hiding in a bathroom. Trooper Wiley also found a locked bedroom door on the other side of the house. After repeated demands to open the door Ashley Alexander finally complied. Three additional males were found in a second bathroom adjacent to that room.
Officers also found a firearm in living room along with pieces of burnt foil consistent with illegal drug use in plain view. One of the male subjects had marijuana in his pocket. A total of nine individuals were detained while the officers completed their investigation.
Based on the evidence found, Trooper Wiley contacted the office of Braxton County Magistrate Beth Smith and obtained a search warrant for the premises.
While executing that search warrant, officers discovered 3 bags containing a while and brown colored powder substance consistent with heroin in a vent in the master bedroom. They also discover a bag with a while power believed to be cocaine, a bag of what was believed to be fentanyl and $880 in cash.
Trooper Wiley further observed a cut in the carpet concealing a hole in the floor. Inside he found two bags. One was believed to contain crack cocaine, while the other held an unknown narcotic. In a back bedroom the officer found a container of a while crystal like substance consistent with methamphetamine.
Six of the individuals were arrested. Two were juveniles. Those facing charges include Noah Kushak, 33, of Little Birch, Ashley Alexander, 38, of Little Birch, Carissa Liberti, 33 of Little Birch, D’Azian Cargill, 19, Paul Gray, 18, and Chase Thomas, 19, all of Akron, OH. All were charged with felony offenses of possession of a controlled substance with the intent to deliver and conspiracy. Additional charges are pending against some of the accused.
All six were arraigned before Braxton County Magistrate Beth Smith. Bond for each was set at $125,000 cash only. All six remain incarcerated at the Central Regional Jail at press-time awaiting additional court appearances.