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Rosedale Man Charged With Stalking, Harassment and Intimidation of Witness

Gassaway Police Chief Aaron James received a complaint on February 28 from town Mayor Richie Roach which led to the arrest of a Rosedale individual.
Gassaway Mayor Richie Roach was cleaning a storm drain in late February when, according to the criminal complaint, a vehicle slowly drove past the mayor and the driver of that automobile, began yelling obscenities at Roach. The mayor told the Police Chief that he ignored the barrage and continued his work on the drain. The individual returned to Roach’s location a short time later and repeated the verbal attack.
Court documents stated that this time Mayor Roach recognized the driver as Jordon Mathew Grubb, 40, of Rosedale. The complaint added that Grubb made several threats against the mayor stating he was going to file a lawsuit against Roach among other things. The mayor told the officer that he did not respond and continued his work on the drain.
Chief James’ investigation led to interviews of local residents who witnessed both encounters and collaborated Mayor Roach’s account.
Roach is also a witness in a 2023 court case involving Grubb and Braxton County Deputy Sheriff Luke Johnson.
The Chief also viewed a social media post that Grubb made of his encounter with Roach on that day.
Grubb was arrested and charged with misdemeanors of stalking, and harassment as well as the felony charge of intimidation of a witness. He was arraigned before Braxton County Magistrate Beth Smith on February 28. His bond for the felony case was set at $50,000 and $6,000 on the lesser charges. Both are cash only. Grubb was transported to the Central Regional Jail where he was later released after posting the bond. He is now awaiting additional court appearances. The officer says the investigation is continuing.