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The political season…

The filing period has ended, and the political season is heating up. Not that I have anything against anyone who has filed for an office, but I would have liked to see competition in all races. I simply think voters need a choice. I also know, from experience, that if any elected official does his or her job, they will be criticized by some.

With that said, I think we have some good representatives. Doing their job with respect to the votes may well be why Lori Dittman, Edie Tichner, Evelyn Post, and Dr. Kenna Seal are running unopposed. I think all four are to be commended on the integrity and commitment they have displayed in their respective offices. I think Braxton County voters are well represented and it is refreshing to know that the future should see more of the same.

There will be some competition on the May ballot. Most of it will actually be electing representatives opposed to parties choosing their candidates. Both the magistrate seats and the two circuit judges are non-partisan and therefore the May election will actually fill the positions.

Both of these races are a bit confusing. In past years the top vote getters were normally elected, barring no additional conflict. However, both positions now have districts. Candidates must choose the district they want to run in at the time they file for office. In the case of magistrate, there are seven candidates vying for the two positions. However, five are competing for the seat currently held by David Singleton. Incumbent Beth Smith only has one challenger.

The same situation exists in the contest to choose our next Circuit Judges. Mike Asbury is running unopposed in one district, which is basically the seat held by long-time Judge Richard Facemire. Former Prosecuting Attorney Jasmine Morton is being challenged by Bill McCourt who is currently the assistant PA for the seat currently held by Judge Jack Alsop.

Both races will be interesting, and I hope they don’t get too confusing.

On the state level, indications are that the mud slinging will be hot and heavy. I personally think the voters don’t like this type of campaigning and deserve better from those who want to gain our confidence. The race for Governor and US Senate will be hotly contested. It should get interesting as the May election date nears.