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Braxton schools cut chronic absenteeism

By Shirley Shuman

Braxton County schools have shown a drop in the chronically absent rate since last school term, according to Timothy Via, Director of Secondary Education, Attendance, and Title IX. Via reported that the county chronically absent rate has dropped from 28.1% in the period of Aug. 15, 2022-Jan. 29, 2023 to 21.8% in the same time frame of 2023-2024.  The director is pleased with the drop but hopes to see it lower even more.

Sutton Elementary led the seven schools that have shown improvement in 2023-2024, Via reported, as its chronically absent rate dropped from 18.5% in the 2022-23 period mentioned to 9.7%. Burnsville Elementary also had a significant drop  from 27.7% to 17.7%.  Only one school showed no lessening of chronic absenteeism during that time.

The director noted, “I believe that everyone understands the importance of students being at school every day unless they are too unwell or have a family emergency. We will continue to urge parents to do everything they can to ensure their children regularly attend school.”

Director Via expressed his appreciation of the efforts made to decrease chronic absenteeism. “I want to thank parents for their efforts and school staff for everything they have done. The improved attendance rate should be reflected in higher academic achievement and other improved outcomes,” he said.

Below are the chronically absent statistics for each school for 8/15/22 to 1/29/23:

Burnsville            7.2%      Little Birch  28.6%

Davis     18.7%    Sutton           18.5%

Flatwoods           26%        BCMS              30.8%

Frametown        25.8%    BCHS               30.7%

Below are the chronically absent statistics for each school for 8/15/23 to 1/29/23:

Burnsville            17.7%    Little Birch  21.8%

Davis     12.8%    Sutton               9.7%

Flatwood             19.6%    BCMS              29.5%

Frametown        27.5%    BCHS                  22%