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Losing history…

Our week here at the office has been as messed up as the weather. We have definitely been playing catch up and dealing with whatever comes in the front door. To some extent, I like the fact that there is always something new to deal with in this job. Unfortunately, as I get older, I find an increasing need to finish one job before moving on to the next. Recently, I haven’t had that luxury.

One job was ultimately finished last week. The old Williams Quality Store has finally been demolished. That project has been a long time coming to completion. The best part is that it eliminates a health and safety hazard for the people of Gassaway.

I read with interest several social media accounts of memories of Art and Clara’s establishment. Growing up in Gassaway I too have many fond memories of that drug store. Everyone remembers the ice-cold pop that we would by for 5 cents… most often with ice floating in it. The variety of candy and snacks were nearly endless… if we could come up with a few cents. I remember my brother and I heading in that direction as soon as we got paid for mowing a lawn or some other work we might find in the neighborhood.

You could always depend on being greeted by Clara’s smiling face. Art… not so much. I remember his as being a “little grouchy.” Actually, as I got to know him, he was stern but not all that grouchy. He liked to talk about fishing and several of us kids spent a lot of time on the riverbank, so, conversation eventually came to be a rather natural occurrence when we visited.

Art and Clara Thorn were great people that had a positive influence on my childhood. They are just the type of people that make me proud to call Gassaway home. I’m sure they are both resting easier now that they can look down on their home and business and see that it is no longer a burden to the community they loved.

You will note, by way of a front-page article in this issue, that the ballot is set for the May Primary election, barring any last-minute mail-in applications. I found it a little surprising that the magistrates offices drew the most interest with seven candidates vying for the two vacant seats. My experience would indicate that the office of Sheriff usually gets the most attention. There are three people in that race including the current Sheriff Lou DellaMae and former Sheriff Eddie Williams.

There are also three people in the Circuit Judges races. Two will be elected. Mike Asbury will run unopposed for the one seat while Jasmine Morton and Bill McCourt will compete for the other.

I am also surprised that Kenna Seal and Evelyn Post don’t have competition for their seats on the Board of Education. I think both have performed very admirable and deserve another term, but I’m surprised others didnt jump into that race as has happened in the past. I can say the same about Assessor Edie Tichner. She too deserves another term. Not only is she proficient in running the Assessor’s office, but she is also very quick to help others and take on tasks that are outside the realm of what she was elected to do. I cannot say that about all our elected officials.