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Adult education offerings and opportunities expanded

By Shirley Shuman

Adult education under the auspices of West Virginia Adult Ed has changed dramatically from the days  in which the primary goal was for students to obtain their GED, now referred to as HSE (High School Equivalency). This part of adult education remains, but a multitude of other learning opportunities have been added. Logan Cook, director of the Braxton County Adult Education Center located near the high  school and the middle school, has pride in what it now offers. Cook stressed that all programs are free.

Cook stressed that his goal is “empower[ing] his students with the skills and knowledge [they] need to succeed in today’s competitive world.”  Whether that is  becoming more proficient in computer use from learning the basics of the computer  to mastering the intricacies of QuickBooks, Photoshop,  or Microsoft Office, Cook can see that his students reach their goals. He invites the interested to “stand out with  certification in these areas to give themselves an advantage.”

One’s educational level doesn’t hinder him or her from enrolling in the adult education program.    Age is also no deterrent.  Any adult 18 and over can take advantage of the offerings available, and Cook said individuals with  college degrees enrolled have taken advantage of the adult education program to earn certification in different areas.

For those who need to master other skills or gain knowledge in a different area, additional programs are definitely available. For those working in a restaurant or any other area involving handling food, the local Adult Education Center can provide an individual with the knowledge and skills needed to obtain a Food Handler’s Card.

Those whose jobs or involve interaction with others can improve their skills in customer service. Cook noted, “In today’s service-oriented world, excellent customer service sets you apart,” and he urges these individuals to “acquire the skills to excel in any customer-facing role.” Here, too, the Braxton County Adult Education program provides certification.

For those who are unsure regarding a career, the adult education program can and will guide them through a career exploration program. For those who have chosen and even prepared for a career but are hesitant about applying for a position, the adult education in resume writing will “allow them to present themselves effectively on paper and in person,” Cook emphasized.

 Whether an individual wants to prepare for a position, already has a job and wants to improve skills, improve computer skills for more efficient use of the computer, or simply to enhance knowledge, the Braxton County Adult Learning Center can provide whatever is needed. Those interested may call Logan Cook at 304-765-5415 or email George.cook@