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Sutton Plans For Additional Christmas Decorations

The town of Sutton is looking quite festive this year. The businesses have decorated their store fronts beautifully. Judy’s Garden Club decorated the planters with beautiful natural materials. The town employees Robin, Brittany, Adam and Michelle along with Gary Beamer have added more decorations throughout the town. With the help of Frontier employees, the banners were changed to their winter theme as well as hanging 6 new banners making a total of 18 throughout the town.
A new addition this year are the 10 new 4’ snowflakes hanging on the power poles. These were hung with the help of Mon Power. Each snowflake cost $552. With funding provided by the state legislature, with the help of past delegate Brent Boggs, for beautification projects the town purchased ten snowflakes. The company where the snowflakes were purchased is have a 33% sale on these exact same snowflakes in January.
The town council is asking the public if they would like to donate money toward the purchase of more snowflakes. With the discount the cost of each snowflake will be $425 plus shipping costs.
These donations can be made in memory or honor of someone. This information will be shared in the newspaper next December when the new snowflakes are installed. We hope through generous donations we will be able to purchase 5 more snowflakes and light up the town even more next winter. The town plans to leave the snowflakes up through the end of February to give the town a lovely winter look.
To donate to this project please contact the town office at 765-5581, online at or mail donations to the office at 450th 4th St. Sutton, WV 26601. Make checks payable to the Town of Sutton and indicate that it is for the snowflakes.
“The Town of Sutton wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.”