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Dear Santa…

Hi Santa… It’s Memphis Wine here, writing to you on behalf of the Given clan. I’m 2 years old and the youngest you know… but not for long Santa. Mommy is getting me a baby sister. And I do mean sister. I don’t want to hear any more of that crap about a boy or my brother. In fact, Mommie turned almost white when I said it… but I think we are going to have two sisters.

At any rate Santa, there are few things we could use your help with. First, Mommie needs some belly ache medicine. She is sick most of the time and it gets in the way of her playing with me. I offered, the other day, to help her clean the house when she said she didn’t feel like it. I got my broom and mop that Nana gave me. Unfortunately, I got sidetracked playing with my dog Hank and didn’t get much done… neither did Mom.

My little cousins, Kathryn and Ella Jean want to spend more time with their Mommie, so maybe you can help them out. They have lots of toys, but we could all use another one or two… just in case you have some extra.

My bigger cousins are doing “their own thing,” whatever that is. At any rate you can bring them anything they are asking for.

By the way Santa, thanks for bringing my Maddie back to Braxton County. She’s feeling better now and she plays with me and the “littles” all the time.

Nana needs a new knee. She says she is going to get one after the first of the year. In the meantime, a big bottle of Tylenol might help her stamina when it comes to playing and keeping up with us kids.

Santa, my Mommie talked Poppie into having Christmas Eve at Aunt Kiki’s this year. She’s got lots of room and the family has grown so big we can hardly fit in Nana and Poppie’s house. Poppie didn’t like it… but agreed. He said it was a blessing to have a family like ours and I agree. We have each other Santa, so you help those in our world that are less fortunate than us this Christmas. We will be just fine. We  hope all the little boys and girls can find the love and caring that is truly a family tradition at the Given house.