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Commission Holds Busy Session

Hears Update on Animal Shelter Addition

The Braxton County Commission’s regular meeting on November 17 was a busy one.
One of the first to speak to the Commission was Sally Stewart and Megan Stout representing the Braxton County Animal Shelter. Dr. Stewart updated the Commission on fundraising efforts for the new addition which will provide much needed space to quarantine animals upon arrival at the center and house cats. She stated that they had received $9.070 in donations or pledges which will be matched by a grant from the Braxton County Rotary Club up to $10,000, for a total of $20,000.
She added that the project had hit a snag. She stated that current regulations require the new facility to have a self-contained septic system and that the property was not adequate to accommodate the new system and the one currently servicing the Shelter. Stewart stated that Brent Boggs had contacted the Department of Highways where the initial Shelter site came from, and that adjacent property was available and that after the Thanksgiving break there would be discussion on the county acquiring the needed 2 additional acres. Stweart told the Commission that she was optimistic that a solution would be reached. She added that various funding activities as well as contributions from the Rotary Club and others will bring the total raised towards the project to over $100,000.
Following President Lisa Godwin calling the meeting to order, Marie Lockard, director of Braxton County Testing Services was first to address the group. She presented the Commissioners with a report of her agency’s activities for the month of October. Those numbers revealed that the center had conducted a total of 234 drug screenings during the period.
Tiffany Prior, EMS Director, gave the Commission her agency’s monthly activity report which reflected an increase in activity. Prior also requested that she be allowed to hire Anthony D. Rogers II as a part-time emergency vehicle operator (EVO). His rate of pay will be $12 per hour with no county benefits. She also asked permission to hire Roman S. Swager as a full-time EVO. He will also be paid $12 per hour with county benefits. Both will serve a 90-day probationary period. Both requests were granted via separate motions.
Tyler Long, Acting OES/9-1-1 Director, appeared before the Commission to request another loan from the county to cover payroll due to late payments from the Public Service Commission for 9-1-1 fees. Following a brief discussion, the request was granted.
Kim Craft discussed issues she was having with the Cheryl Jackson estate. She explained that she was spending a substantial amount of money and was still not able move forward on the closing of the estate due to wording in a previously issued County Commission order. She requested that the order be amended. Following the discussion, Lisa Godwin informed Craft that they would need to seek the advice of the Prosecuting Attorney on how to proceed and that the matter would be placed on the next Commission meeting agenda for possible action.
Later in the meeting, Sheriff Lou DellaMea and Deputy Sheriff Luke Johnson discussed their request to purchase tires for seven police cruisers. They proposed buying 4 tires from Evans Auto for the Process Server’s truck at a cost of $773.84. Additionally, they planned to purchase 6 sets of tire from Mid-State Chevy at a cost of $6,648.
Sheriff DellaMea discussed the importance of maintaining quality tires on the emergency vehicle. Sgt. Johnson answered a question about the wearability of tires in the current vehicle. He also entertained a question from President Godwin as to where two additional police cruisers are located. She explained that the Sheriff’s fleet consisted of more vehicles than he had deputies and that in addition to the ones the officers were driving two were unaccounted for. Both Johnson and the Sheriff stated they would have to look into the situation before they could answer the question.
Nancy Gall, Community Liaison for the USDA spoke to the Commission regarding the need to formulate a Taks Force to deal with the WVDEP Dilapidated Properties Program. She explained that the Task Force was the first necessary step in the county being about to leverage state and federal monies to deal with abandoned and deteriorated properties in the county. Following a lengthy discussion, Melvin Gum made a motion to move forward with the Task Force and for President Lisa Godwin to oversee the group.
In other action, a motion by Larry Clifton approved the short for settlements for the following as submitted by the Fiduciary Supervisor: Janet Lynn Brown, Alice Marie Burroughs-Roche, Anna Rose Morrison, Derek George Taylor and Violet Lucille Thayer.
The Commission also approved two applications for correction for erroneous assessments for Ricky Sands and Toby K or Jessica Jarvis.
Four additional purchase orders, in addition to the two for police vehicle tires, came before the Commission. All were approved by separate motions. The Deputes phone system will need network cabling from GST at a cost of $793.41. GST will also provide 2 – 24 port network switches for the Assessor and County Clerk’s officers at a cost of $1,677.60. Two POs were approved for Central Square Technologies to provide phone support and updated hardware to the 9-1-1 center totaling $7,202.58.
Sheriff DellaMea was given permission to advertise for interested persons to fill a vacant deputy’s position.
The Commission approved advertising a county auction to be held December 9 at 11:00 a.m. at the newly purchased annex building (Old C&P Telephone building) on Riverview Drive.
Separate motions approved the opening of four accounts as mandated by various grant structures.
The Commission reviewed and approved a request from the Holly Gray Park Board to appoint Robert Given to fill a vacant position on the board.
Following reviews, the county and EMS bills as well as the minutes from the Commission’s November 3 meeting were approved as presented.
Being no further business to consider, the meeting adjourned at 10:00 a.m. The next regular meeting of the Braxton County Commission will convene on December 1 at 9:00 a.m.