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WVU Extension invites youth to ‘fall in love’ with 4-H

West Virginia youths in Braxton County have an opportunity to fall in love with 4-H as part of National 4-H Week, held October 1-7. This event is hosted nationally each year to encourage young people to join a local club where they will meet other youths, participate in meaningful learning opportunities, serve their communities and enjoy the host of activities offered by the nation’s largest youth development program. This year’s theme centers around the love and passion young people find with 4-H.

West Virginia 4-H is a free youth development program of West Virginia University Extension that reaches more than 10,000 young people each year through clubs, camps, schools and other specialized programs, like science, technology, engineering and math education. Faculty, staff and volunteers provide unique environments where young people can grow and learn about a host of activities and educational programs, including annual projects.

By signing up for the Braxton County 4-H program, clubs also provide youths with new experiences, important leadership skills and enhanced confidence. In West Virginia, one in every four youths is involved in 4-H. Youths between the ages of 9 and 21 can join 4-H with a parent or guardian’s permission. Younger children, ages 5 to 8, who are interested in the practices of 4-H can join a pre-4-H program called Cloverbuds, which focuses more on fun and social activities that set the stage for future learning. Older members can become active in any of the seven collegiate 4-H clubs in the state.

4-H is an opportunity for those in the Braxton County area to join an organization that is helping to empower youths to become true leaders within their communities.  Braxton County has 7 community 4-H clubs that meet in Burnsville, Flatwoods, Frametown, Gassaway, Servia and Sutton.

While 4-H programs of the past have focused on agriculture and farming, today’s 4-H programs are more diverse, exposing kids to hands-on learning experiences in areas such as science, engineering, technology, citizenship, land judging, shooting sports and healthy lifestyles. Livestock projects remain very popular choices in Braxton County, but 4-H members also benefit from the many other subject areas available.  Club members may also learn about higher education opportunities and even be eligible for scholarships available through WVU Extension.

For more information about 4-H opportunities in your community, contact the WVU Extension office in Braxton County at 304-765-2809 or visit