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Celebrating a Free Press: National Newspaper Week

Every year, National Newspaper Week enthusiastically celebrates the richness and vitality of the news media industry. Taking place from October 1 to 7, this event recognizes the importance of print and digital media and the hard work of journalists and media professionals from you local area and nationwide.

National Newspaper Week, first and foremost, seeks to raise public awareness of the importance of newspapers as credible sources of news. In the digital age, as information circulates rapidly and is often questioned, newspapers play a crucial role in disseminating verified news. Newspapers work daily to educate the public, promote democratic debate, and hold governments and businesses accountable.

An initiative of National Newspaper Week is to create an opportunity for media outlets, such as Braxton Newspapers, to strengthen their ties with the public. “We listen to public comments and concerns. Our newspapers are your conduit to positive change which can only be accomplished by thoroughly informed citizens,” said Ed Given, BCN Publisher.

During National Newspaper Week, it’s important to remember that supporting local press is essential to maintaining a strong and independent media landscape and a true democracy. Residents can contribute to the vitality and sustainability of this essential industry by reading newspapers, subscribing to local publications and sharing credible articles on social networks.

Celebrating the vitality of true factual news, Braxton County Newspapers is your reliable source of news and has been a great showcase for local businesses for over 100 years.