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My critics…

You will find a letter on this page from one of my critics that I wrote about a couple of weeks ago. My response apparently did not satisfy her since she is now advocating that I retire.

I certainly don’t have problems with people having different opinions than I do. I can usually understand where they are coming from, and I certainly respect their viewpoint. However, that doesn’t mean that I am willing to sacrifice my own stance.

Ms. Chieffo points out my column appears under the topic “OPINION” and “editorial” and I certainly agree with that. She must have overlooked the part that reads: “Our views • Your views • Their views.”

Other authors have their writings appear on this page as they have for the 50 years we have been in existence. They too, write under a byline and not as an anonymous source.

Our letters to the editor policy require that signatures accompany the author’s comments. None of these writings come from an inanimate object. They are real people expressing their opinions and thereby, sprouting thought and discussion which have always been the objective of this space.

Apparently, Ms. Chieffo doesn’t know me very well or else she would have omitted her comments indicating that I didn’t have the “guts” to stick my neck out when it comes to controversial subjects. Longtime readers of this column certainly know that is far from the truth. Over the years I have taken on some very serious topics. I have played a part in getting people elected, defeated, fired and protected. All were done in what I truly felt was the best interest of the community my critic feels is “dying.” I have never been shy when it comes to calling a spade a spade. I have often said that I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, quite the opposite. I want them to discuss the subject, get involved and promote what they think is best. I truly believe that is what a democracy is all about and I have certainly tried to do my part.

I would also point out that the title of my column has always been “As I See It” not As the Newspaper Sees It.

Obviously, I am not going to silence my critic, nor am I going to retire until the Good Lord tells me it’s time. I would also mention that as long as I’m behind this desk, I will continue to use what power of the pen that I have to promote our community, state and nation. And yes, I am too old to change now! So, with all do respect, the purchase of this newspaper is certainly voluntarily, so if you don’t want to read about my family, along with important community topics… turn the page.