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Commission funds engineering studies for Vernon and Herold Roads waterline expansion projects

Rodney Pritt and John Gibson representing the Flatwoods Canoe Run PSD were two of several people to speak to the Braxton County Commission at their regular meeting last Friday, September 1. The pair came before the Commissioners seeking for $45,000 to fund pre-engineering studies for waterline extensions into the Vernon Road and Herold Road areas.

During their presentation, the pair stated that the proposal for Vernor Road would cover 5.4 miles and provide clean potable water to 59 households. The Herold Road extension will span 6.4 miles and potentially take in 51 new customers. After hearing the presentation, Larry Clifton made a motion to allocate $45,000, the requested amount, from the ARP Lost Revenue funds.

Gary Crutchfield and Kenny Summers from the Burnsville Volunteer Fire Department returned to the Commission seeking assisting in funding for the Emergency Shelter & Auxiliary Facility they are proposing to build at the old site that once housed the fire department near the Elementary School. Crutchfield renewed his request for assistance reminding the Commission that the Fire Department has committed $40,000 toward the project which would be added to a $67,000 EDA Grant that was tentatively approved as well as $20,000 from the Town of Burnsville. Following the discussion, the Commission agreed to earmark a match to the Town’s donation of $20,000. The funds will come from the ARP Lost Revenue funding.

Tiffany Prior, EMS Director, requested permission to move two employees from part-time to full-time status. She requested that EMT Jennifer Clark’s job status be changed to full-time with full county benefits. She will be paid $16.50 per hour and assume her new position on September 1.

Prior also requested that Jennifer Fletcher, also an EMT, be elevated to full-time status with full county benefits. Her rate of pay will be $17.50 per hour. The change will be effective on September 1. Both requests were granted.

In other action, the Probated Appointments for the month of August were approved as presented by the County Clerk.

Larry Clifton’s motion approved applications for correction of erroneous assessments for the following: Tiffany McCumbers, Allice Lou Ware, Beth Atkins etal., Edward J. Singleton, Steven & Scarlett Taylor, Elizabeth Cunninham, Edward Paul Carr and Tyler K. Cunningham.

Consolidations of tracts of land for tax purposes were granted for Hazel Pauline Richardson heirs, Lawreance M & Mary E. Chapman, Samuel Skidmore as well as Alfred Thomas & Sherri Lee Traverse.

Two purchase orders came before the Commission for consideration. Both involved General Appliance LLC. The Commission agreed to install a P-Tack Heat Pump in the voting equipment storage building at a cost of $3,117. The second was for $734.84 for repairs and improvements to the Courthouse boiler.  Both were approved.

The Commission reviewed a request from the Braxton County Recreational Development Authority to appoint Dr. Jonathan Roberti to the Holly Gray Park Board. Larry Clifton made a motion to approve the request.

A second request came from the BCRDA. This one was to advertise for a vacant position on the board currently for the seat currently held by Linda Brown who chose not to seek reappointment. That request was also granted.

Larry Clifton made two separate motions to authorize the use of the county credit card for upcoming conferences. The first was hotel reservations at the Greenbrier for the NACO 2023 rural Action Caucus November 5th, 6th and 7th at a cost of $200 per night. The second was to authorize the Commission President to attend the County Commissioners Association’s fall board meeting at Cacapon State Park on October 29th and 30th.

Larry Clifton made a motion to authorize the Animal Shelter to apply for a $30,000 grant from the FOHO (Federation Of Humane Organizations).

Following a review, the county, and EMS invoices as well as the minutes of the Commission’s regular meeting on August 18 were approved via separate motions.

Being no further business to consider the meeting adjourned at 9:23 a.m. The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Braxton County Commission will be held on September 15 beginning at 9:00 a.m.