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GSU & FSU Offer Braxton AB’s Students Scholarships

After last week’s announcement from the High Education Commission that they would immediately revoked Alderson Broaddus University ability to award degrees, both Glenville and Fairmont Universities have announced scholarships will be available to AB student including those who are residents of Braxton County. The decision came as a result of extensive financial difficulties at the institution Additionally, both schools have streamlined their admission process for the fall semester to accommodate displaced students.
In a press release Glenville State University said, “The GSU family and friends extend their heartfelt support to Alderson Broaddus students, faculty, and staff.”
To assist new and continuing ABU students impacted by the new development, GSU President Dr. Mark Manchin announced that scholarships will be available to all ABU students. In addition, GSU will guarantee housing placement and access to their financial aid staff to help with equivalent financial aid packaging.
Fairmont State University took similar action. “FSU is saddened by the news of the revocation of Alderson Broaddus University’s authority. As a neighboring university, AB has always been a good and respected friend of Fairmont State, and our thoughts are with the students and staff, as well as with the community of Philippi as they begin to navigate the effects of this impactful decision. Fairmont State invites Alderson Broaddus students to transfer, and will offer one-time scholarship.”
“We know that a student’s ability to complete college is maximized when there are no lapses or skipped terms through the process of college transfer. That’s why Fairmont State has created a plan tailored to Alderson Broaddus students to help them transfer to Fairmont State. While there are several aspects to this plan, our goal is simple, and aligned with the goals of Alderson Broaddus students: We want to help them complete their degree programs in the same (or shorter) amount of time and at a similar (or lower) cost.” Students still have time to apply and enroll at Fairmont State for fall classes, which start on August 21. Fairmont State has created the Battler Transfer Scholarship, for ABU transfer students.
“Our application is free and streamlined for quick completion. Any incoming first-time freshman who can provide a copy of their admittance letter from AB will be provisionally admitted to Fairmont State. We are prioritizing any applications for AB students and have assigned a Transfer Admissions expert to expedite these applications, and we will do our best to make admissions decisions for Alderson Broaddus students within 48 hours. Our transfer admissions advisors will work with AB students to maximize the transfer of courses and keep them on track with their personal degree plans,” the release stated.
Glenville State’s enrollment team is also ready to help ensure a smooth transition for all ABU students and will be fast-tracking their free, and provide an expedited enrollment process.
“As our university grows, along with our health sciences, education, and graduate programs, we welcome any ABU student to our Pioneer family,” President Manchin concluded.
Those Braxton County residents interested in enrolling or transferring to Glenville State University may contact [email protected] or call (304)-642-6130.
Fairmont State invites all students impacted by the imminent closing of Alderson Broaddus University to contact Lisa Jones at [email protected] or 304-367-4855 to learn more about how Fairmont State can keep them on track to realize their education goals.