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Insurance, Paving Among Council Topics

The most recent meeting of the Sutton Town Council was held on June 8. Council member Beth Atkins was absent.
Recorder Robyn Dolan discussed the insurance options for town employees. Council approved to use Colonial Life for life, vision, dental, cancer and accident insurance, and the WV State Retirement plan on a motion by Jon Crum. Health insurance options are still being discussed.
The council went over quotes received for paving projects around town. Steve Facemire reviewed the bids received for Curtin Avenue and Curtin Town Road. The Moonlight Contracting bid for Curtin Town Road included an option for using re-grind instead of paving and the bids for both roads included culverts and ditching with that company. The bids from North Central Paving did not. Council approved the bids from Moonlight Contracting on a motion by Steve Facemire.
The quote for Birch Street from North Central Paving was approved on a motion by Jon Crum. Council also discussed the need to get final quotes for South Short Street and North Morrison Avenue to move forward with those projects.
Catherine Hoover updated on the repair work being completed by Martin Hallet on the welcome signs.
Jon Crum talked about issues with the old bridge at the end of town. Council will work on finding out who is responsible for the upkeep as several boards need replaced.
Steve Facemire talked about the Ford Explorer police vehicle. It will need work on it before it will pass inspection. Catherine Hoover made the motion to approve necessary repairs on the vehicle that was approved by the council.
Municipal Judge Rodney Jamison met with the state concerning codes and code violations for properties, including abandoned properties. He will provide the website to council so they can review these codes.
Mayor JD Hoover read a letter to council from former Delegate Brent Boggs. In the letter, he stated he was able to allot $10,000 to the Town of Sutton for ongoing maintenance and beautification of downtown businesses. Steve Facemire made the motion to amend the 2023-2024 budget to show for the $10,000 funding.
On a motion by Catherine Hoover, council approved the minutes of the May 25 regular meeting. The payment of bills was approved on a motion by Jon Crum.
At 6:53 pm, the council went into executive session to talk with an applicant by phone for the position of police officer. They reconvened at 7:05pm with no decisions made. The meeting was adjourned at 7:06 pm.