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Lane Morrow signs with D & E to play basketball

By Shirley Shuman

“We found each other,” Lane Morrow said of his receiving an invitation to play basketball at Davis and Elkins College. The basketball player said that he had originally planned to play at Salem, but the situation became murky there so he informed them he would not be going to Salem.

“I had an agreement with the assistant coach at Salem, but then the head coach there quit to take a position at another school. The Salem assistant coach told me that if he received the head coaching position, I was guaranteed to play. However, he didn’t.”  At that point, Morrow cut ties with Salem and went elsewhere.

He explained that he sent film and information on his basketball career to Davis and Elkin’s basketball coach.  Afterward, he talked to the assistant coach. Morrow said, “He invited me to visit. I had a workout and everything worked.  Right away I was asked to sign with D and E, and I received a scholarship.”

Morrow has played basketball nine years. “I played organized ball that long, but I’ve played basketball  even longer,” he said. Asked why he wants to play college ball, the son of Todd and Amy Morrow responded, “It’s always been my goal, something I really wanted to do, a passion.”

BCHS basketball coach Josh Lunceford thinks “it is great to sell all the hard work Lane has put in over the years pay off. I am excited to see where this journey takes him!” At Wesleyan, Morrow will major in business and marketing. He explained his choice, “It covers a broad range of careers.”  Lane Morrow is “definitely looking forward to this,” he said. “I’m very excited.”