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Moving forward…

This growing old stuff… sucks. The majority of my past week was spent going to doctors’ appointments. I had a follow-up with my surgeon. He checked me over and gave me the green light. After one more week of reduced activities, I can gradually pick up the pace.

The other important appointment was with my family physician. She reviewed my test results and recommended some changes in my medications. Before the surgery, I had an issue with my heart and a reoccurrence of the infections that have plagued my legs for several years. The three things together had really left me nearly incapacitated. Just getting through the day was difficult and I was ready for a change.

One medication keeps me close to the bathroom. That’s ok, since it seems to be having the desired effect and I only take that medicine for five days. With nearly a week of adjustments under my belt I have finally begun to feel better and have more energy. I’m not running any marathons yet, but I certainly feel like getting out of bed. Now I am going to have to deal with the mountain of paperwork that has accumulated on my desk.

While all this was going on, our microwave died. It’s been a good one and I can’t complain about the service. I bought a new one from Lowes and talked Jamie and Shane into coming over Sunday evening and changing them for me.

Of course, I was a mere observer to this whole process. Unfortunately, the microwave was so old that we didn’t remember when or who installed it, let alone, how it was mounted to the cabinet and wall. It nearly whipped the two before they finally found two small screws inside the unit that held it to the bracket. I was sure fortunate they came to my aid. I would never of figured it out and as my patience wore out, I’m sure I would have destroyed something.

The new unit is up and running. Jeanine likes it so that’s all that is important. Now if that sucker lasts as long as the one it replaced, it will definitely be someone else’s problem the next time we need a new one.