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A good experience…

The weekend was filled with excitement. We had the Rotary Elimination Dinner which turned out to be a great success. The event is a bit of a headache in that I do the ticket distribution to our members and collect the money. It’s not hard work but can be time consuming and that was the case, particularly on Friday. It was all worth it as the event was enjoyable and a great financial success which means scholarships and perhaps some other awards for our BCHS grads and other organizations.

Friday was also the day that a man, I had talked to for over a week, was coming from North Carolina to look at Jeanine’s trike that I had advertised for sale. I bought her the bike in 2015 and she enjoyed it. Unfortunately, she just didn’t ride it much after the first year or so. In fact, it only had 356 miles on it when I sold it. Anyone that has ever sold items, particularly larger one on Facebook or eBay know this type of marketing has its problems and sometimes goes completely south. That was not the case with Ted. He arrived on time, and we went to the house to check out the Harley. He fell in love with it and bought the gem with no haggling or hassle.

While the deal went perfectly and Ted was a pleasure to deal with, the transaction did take time from my already busy Friday. That’s probably the reason that I had $480 too much money when I turned the final batch over to Suzie Steele, Rotary treasurer Saturday morning. Thankfully, she bailed me out, found my mistake and made everything balance perfectly.

Saturday morning, Jeanine, Krystal, Shane and I headed over to Weston to look at a side by side. Jeanine’s reason for selling her trike was to fund a new ride so I had been looking at possibilities, anticipating the sale. We found Wes’s house with no problem. Shane, MyKaela’s husband, is very familiar with this type of machine. He looked it over carefully and gave it a thumbs up. With a little final negotiating, it was a done deal and Jeanine is the proud owner of a Polaris 900 RZR 4 seater. Had to have 4 seats… that was a prerequisite. She has to be able to take the grandchildren for a ride.

That deal too, was a real pleasant one. Wes was a man of his word and very easy to deal with. He was accommodating after the sell as well. We went back Sunday afternoon with a trailer and picked it up. Wes had it all ready to load and had moved things around in his driveway to accommodate my truck and the trailer. I hope the side by side gets more use than the trike did. My daughters and grandchildren have assured me it will.