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A lazy weekend…

There are a lot of things that one can predict. Lately, the weather certainly hasn’t been among them. One day is short sleeves and sandals… the next you are looking for your long underwear. Regardless, Summer isn’t as far away as it used to be.

With the weather nasty this weekend, I opted to bow out of the trip to Pickens that our boat family and friends planned. It was a good thing too; I had a stomach bug and really didn’t feel much like doing anything. In fact, that’s exactly what I did… nothing.

I stayed indoors both Saturday and Sunday. Jeanine went with the crew. I couldn’t keep up with their travels because there is no cell service in most of Webster County. I occasionally got a text message with a question or brief statement. Most of the time it was several hours waiting for a response.

I passed the time watching television and playing games on my iPad. The dogs and I enjoyed the peace and quiet.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a good day for those who went on the side by side ride. Late in the evening I got a call from Krystal letting me know that one of our lake family friends was a passenger in a buggy that was involved in an accident. Faye was riding in the backseat when the driver lost control in some gravel and went over an embankment. She was first taken to the Webster Hospital before being transferred to Ruby Memorial. She was seriously injured. By today, it appears that it is not nearly as bad as first reports indicated. She appears to be on the mend and will hopefully be home soon. However, her road to recovery will probably be a rather long one.

The accident delayed my crew getting home but they did finally roll in just before dark. The plan was to go to a friends for dinner, but since I wasn’t feeling all that great and Jeanine was cold and tired, we opted to continue doing what I had done all day.

We started Sunday morning with a big family breakfast but then settled into our chairs for a repeat of my Saturday…. doing nothing.

I sure regret Faye getting injured, but my part of the weekend was rather enjoyable. I think everyone needs some time once and a while to do absolutely nothing.