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This and that…

Well, we have begun to get a little relief at the gas pumps. Prices have come down, of course not nearly as fast as they went up. Last week I filled up in Nicholas County for 20 cents less a gallon than Braxton County folks are forced to pay. Once again, we find ourselves on the high end of the scale. Gasoline all around us is cheaper…. Must be a transportation issue or some other excuse.

I have watched the news coverage of the Special Legislative Session that the Governor called last week with great interest. It seems almost no one is happy with the way the extra ordinary session was called or what is coming from it.

Of course, everyone likes the idea of a tax cut, but this 10% is a token. I heard a news report that outlined what the cut would mean to various taxpayers depending on their income. The bottom line is that only the rich really see any substantial savings.

The last report that I heard was that the issue is dead, but the Senate may produce their own version… West Virginia politics at its best.  

The abortion issue is a whole, much bigger, can of worms. Obviously, there will be lots of people unhappy regardless of what is or isn’t done. I’m not encouraging your opinion, nor do I want to debate the issue. I defend your right to disagree with my opinion, but it’s still my opinion. So, here are a few things that I think… I believe in women’s rights. They should definitely have a voice at this table but obviously those making the decision don’t feel that way. I do not believe that abortion should be allowed to be a from of birth control. Either way, there has to be limitations and restrictions.

I could probably live with most of the proposals that have been brought forth in this special session, even though they are not ideal in my way of thinking. The exception is the way they have treated rape and incest. I think it is a crime to force a child to have a child. How many lives have to be ruined or lost in these types of situations? Once again, politics is the driving factor. Elected officials are too concerned with supporting their party’s platforms… to the letter. Common sense doesn’t fit in their equations. Emotions further complicate this issue. I guess I should be glad that I am not one who has to vote on whatever they come up with. One way or another, there will always be those who criticize the outcome and on subjects like these many who find fault, make it personal.