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A big week…

Last week was a major week for us. The early part was devoted to the papers and some printing jobs. After work on Tuesday, we traveled to Bridgeport to spend the night with our friends the Martins. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as much of a social call as we would have like it.

Doug and Becky live just 10 minutes from UHC Hospital were Jeanine had a heart catheterization scheduled for very early Wednesday morning. We had an enjoyable dinner at a local restaurant where we met the Martins before going to their house. We had a nice evening and went to bed early for obvious reasons.

Everything was on schedule the next morning. We got there just before 6:00 a.m. (Boy do I appreciate Doug and Becky’s hospitality.) The hospital staff was extremely courteous. Since only one of us could be in the room with Jeanine, Allison who accompanied us, took advantage of the time and took a nap in the back seat of my truck. The Doctor came in at 7:30 and went over everything with us. I was impressed with his bedside manner and professionalism.

He told me where Allison and I could wait while Jeanine was having the procedure done and that it should take approximately, 45 minutes to an hour. A few minutes later they came got Jeanine and wisp her off to the Cath Lab. I retrieved Allison and we headed to the cafeteria for breakfast.

Again, I was rather impressed. The food was great and quite a variety. We were just finishing up and my phone rang… it was Jeanine’s Doctor. “We’re all done,” he said. “And it went great.” He went on to explain that there were no blockages and that her heart and veins were in great shape.

She was back in her room about 30 minutes later and we were allowed to take turns visiting with her during the 4 hours she had to lay flat on her back… I will add that she got a little grumpy before her time was up.

We were back home before 3:00 p.m. and feeling good about the ordeal. Jeanine is still on limited duty… but able to do more each day. However, it will still be a few days before she can keep little Memphis again which as been the biggest burden for her.

We had loads of company for the holiday and she survived… so did I, so all is well.

I hadn’t had too much experience with UHC, but I must say after Jeanine’s procedure… I like it. Its a big city facility with a small-town atmosphere.