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Class of 2022 graduates from BCHS

The Class of 2022 graduated from Braxton County High School May 20 with Ellen Collins leading the class of 130 during the commencement exercises.

The ceremony began with Dr. Tony Minney Principal presenting the Top 10 to the audience at the BCHS Eagle Field. The seniors were recognized for their outstanding performance in and out of the classroom.

Each one of the Top 10 also had their own job to perform during the ceremony.

Olivia Ramsey, number three, welcomed everyone to the ceremony, followed by the invocation by number five, Lainey Hunt.

Beau Liston, number six lead the Pledge of Allegiance.

Number eight, Zoey Harrison, introduced the guest speaker, Jamie Oates. The theme of his commencement address was achieving greatness, not only in school and in work but also in life.

Carly Given, Salutatorian, addressed the crowd regarding her fellow students and their experiences over the years. She spoke to her classmates about their educators through the years and the positive effect they had on her life and that of her classmates.

Valedictorian Ellen Collins talked about success to fellow students. She spoke of her passion for livestock and her success with her pigs.

After the Valedictorian address, Faith Byerly, number seven, recognized the students who had received local scholarships from various community organizations.

CTE Director Lori Stover-Williams recognized those students who were completers in their various fields of studies.

Following the recognitions, the class of 2022 was presented. J.D. Drake, Dean of Students, read the graduates’ names as they were presented to Superintendent Kathy Hypes, Board President DeAnna Whipkey and other board members.

After all names had been read, Emily Matheny, number four, performed the turning of the tassel ceremony, signifying the seniors’ graduating.

Jesse Flint, number nine, gave the closing remarks.

The final step of graduation was led by Kendra Lunceford, number ten, who led the hat toss ceremony after giving the history behind it and its meaning to the class.

The field filled with cheers as the seniors threw their caps into the air, officially marking the graduation of the BCHS Class of 2022.

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