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Mikaya Moore, #6 of Top 10 enjoys many activities

By Shirley Shuman

Whether she’s in school or away from school, Mikaya Moore is indeed a busy young woman. At BCHS, Moore is in Student Council, the local chapter of the National Honor Society, and HOSA. She also participates in a Bible study group which meets during lunch hour. In addition, she plays soccer and keeps statistics for the wrestling team. Outside of school, she is involved in several church activities and actually has a goat herd. “I enjoy my goats because they can be very finicky, and I love to watch them grow,” she said.

The daughter of Bryan and Kimbely Moore, the number six student plans to become a nurse. She will attend Fairmont State College to obtain an RN degree. “I chose nursing,” she said, “because I like helping people. I also enjoyed my healthcare classes, and some of my friends are going into nursing.”

Not surprisingly, Moore chose healthcare clinicals as her favorite subject. “We got to go to actual sites to shadow and help in healthcare fields.” Her favorite teacher is Stephanie Moore, the healthcare instructor, “who has brought new insights that will help me prepare for college,” she noted. Moore also stressed that it was difficult to choose one teacher because, she said, “There are many teachers who have helped make me the person I am.”

The most exciting thing that has happened to Moore is being saved, she explained. “Just knowing the Lord has offered me an unexplainable feeling of  freedom.” 

Moore chose her grandfather, John McQuain, as the most exciting person she knows. “He’s my preacher, and he has gone through many challenging. He has shown how strong he is by overcoming these challenges.”

Mikaya Moore wants to say “Thank you” to everyone who has supported her.