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Filing Period for 2024Election Begins January 8

West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner has released the 2024 Running for Office Guide, offering detailed guidance to political candidates for the upcoming state elections. The 2024 Running for Office Guide can be found on the Secretary of State’s website.
In addition to the Guide, Judicial candidates are encouraged to review the Judicial Investigation Commiss-ion’s 2024 Judicial Campaign Ethics Handbook is also available.
Warner said that candidates interested in running for office in 2024 should review the House of Delegates, State Senate and Congressional District maps located at Local candidates should contact Braxton County Clerk to confirm the district based on their legal residence or with questions.
On the county level, voters will be choosing one County Commissioner, a Prosecuting Attorney, Sheriff, and Assessor, to represent their party in the November General Election.
On the district and state level Braxton County Voters will be choosing a State Senator.
The Primary Election will also decide several non-partisan races. Local voters will be choosing two Circuit Judges, two Magistrates, a Family Law Master, two Board of Education members, a county Surveyor and Conservation District Supervisor.
In addition to residency requirements, candidates for partisan nominations in the May 14 Primary Election must not have been a member of another recognized political party for at least 60 days prior to filing to become a candidate. Candidate registration will take place January 8 through 27.
Several statewide offices will also be up for grabs. Those positions can also be found along with information pertaining to the filing fees on the Secretary of State’s website.