The Braxton Democrat, Town Meeting

Gassaway Council Meets

The Common Council of the Town of Gassaway met in regular session on September 28. Mayor Richie Roach called the meeting to order with all members present except Jim Criner.
The minutes of the previous meeting were approved with corrections on a motion by Mike Chapman.
Under the topic of old business councilwoman Lynn Jeffries requested that $6,000 of the funds budgeted to the Gassaway VFD be released now and an additional $6,000 be given the organization in coming months. Rocky Nutter made a motion to pay GVFD $6,000 immediately,
Lynn Jeffries made the motion to pay the Animal Shelter $500.
Following a discussion, Mike Chapman introduced action to move $10,000 from the Depot Restoration account back to the Town’s general fund.
Under new business, Rocky Nutter made a motion to remove Charlene Rader for any Town of Gassaway checking accounts. After that motion was approved, Mike Chapman made a motion to add Rocky Nutter’s name to the accounts.
It was also Chapman who introduced action to have minutes of the council meetings published in the local newspaper within the week following their approval.
Following a review, Rocky Nutter made a motion to adopt the finance reports and file the corrected versions for future audits.
A host of items received discussion, but no official action was taken. The included: usage of the park; abandoned needles in the park; water/sewer project; vacant houses on Birch Street; discussed benefits of recording and using a sound system during council meetings; BCMH’s protentional help with the Catholic Hill Park; discussion with Brent Boggs reference GSU providing planning work for the Catholic Hill Park; Mayor Roach informed council that Ashley Carr was working on an ordinance to provide 2 hours free parking in the business district; discussed having the fire department clean streets and provide a financial report to council; discussed have two council meetings per month; transfer $874.20 from the American Rescue Fund to the general fund; Mike Chapman requested a report for the carnival revenue from Gassaway Days; Rocky Nutter requested that the town pay for dinner by Shiloh Church if it was the town’s turn as well as getting a television for the big room an done for the council chambers.
The meeting adjourned at 8:02 p.m.