Braxton Magistrate Report

Magistrate Beth SmithJuly 8: Sarah M. Rogers of Tonawanda, NY, speeding, no contest plea, fine/court costs assessed and paid.July 19: Brenda Joyce Pittman of Flatwoods, driving suspended, no contest plea,[Read More…]

Braxton Magistrate Report

Magistrate Beth SmithJuly 5: Lisa Marie Barker of Cairo, grand larceny, burglary, conspiracy, preliminary hearing waived, transferred to circuit court.July 6: Christopher M. Armstrong, overweight vehicle, no contest plea, fine/court[Read More…]

Itofe and Johnson sentenced to prison

The Honorable Richard A. Facemire recently completed several court orders in the Braxton County Circuit Court. Jasmine R.H. Morton, Braxton County Prosecuting Attorney, represented the state during these proceedings. On[Read More…]

Braxton Magistrate Report

MagistrateBeth SmithJune 21: Benjamin Matthew Morris of Berkley Springs, possession of marijuana, guilty plea, fine/court costs assessed.June 24: Braydon A. Ralbusky of Letart, expired MVI x2, dismissed, proof provided; Lisa[Read More…]

Braxton County Magistrate Report

Magistrate Beth SmithJune 21: Sarah Beth Balcourt of Sutton, fraudulent schemes, warrant issued, bond set at $2500 personal recognizance.June 22: Wesley D. Miller of Cowen, no hands free device, dismissed[Read More…]

Several have day in Circuit Court

Several Braxton County Circuit Court hearings have recently been completed by the Honorable Judge Richard A. Facemire. Braxton County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Dara A. Acord presented the state’s evidence to[Read More…]