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Sutton Council Holds Brief Meeting

The Sutton Town Council conducted a brief meeting on March 14. The meeting was called to order at 2:00 pm.
The meeting opened with Mayor JD Hoover discussing having a 200 year celebration for the town’s founding in conjunction with WV Day on June 20. He mentioned having music, food trucks and vendors. Mayor Hoover is looking for more ideas for the celebration.
Catherine Hoover thanked Martin Hallet for his work updating the signs coming into town and Beth Atkins thanked the volunteers for their help taking down the snowflakes and changing out the banners around town.
Mayor Hoover discussed the need for a back flow prevention valve in the plumbing of the town building. WV American Water had reached out with the request. He also mentioned there was a leak that needed to be addressed.
The Mayor discussed possibly requesting bids for placement of an awning above the entrance door. During a recent storm, rain was coming in the building. An awning would also provide some coverage for those coming into the building when it is raining.
Catherine Hoover made the motion to approve the minutes of the February 22 meeting and Beth Atkins led action for the payment of bills. Both motions were approved.
Jon Crum, who was present via phone, questioned the purchase of a leaf blower in the bill listing. He was informed that it was a second blower so both workers could be out using them at the same time.
Recorder Robyn Dolan briefly spoke about moving forward with cleaning out drains around town and looking at road projects for the spring and summer.
Catherine Hoover asked if plastics pickups were going to be added to the recycling. Currently, plastics are not an option but Mountain Recycling is looking at grants to add them.
One construction permit for roof replacement at 404 North Hill Road was approved on a motion by Catherine Hoover.
The 2023-2024 budget revision was approved on a motion by Beth Atkins and the 2024-2025 budget was approved on a motion by Catherine Hoover.
The meeting was adjourned at 2:17 pm. The next regular meeting is set for March 28 at 6:00 pm.