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Rotary Announces Dates for Spring Blood Screening

The Braxton County Rotary Club, in conjunction with WVU Medicine’s Braxton County Memorial Hospital has announced the dates for their Spring Blood Screening. The low-cost testing will again be expanded to more than the typical one-day event. The event will follow much the same format as their past screenings to reduce wait times and for the convenience of participants.
Participants can have a basic panel of 35 popular blood tests for the low price of $35. In addition, several tests can be added for a very nominal price: TSH (Thyroid) $10, PSA (Men only) $20, Vitamin D levels $25, and Hemoglobin A1c $15.
All participants will need to pre-register and be assigned a time to have their blood drawn. This results in extremely short wait times. This year the event will take place on Thursday and Friday, April 18 and 19 as well as Saturday, April 20.
Those who find the weekdays more convenient will have their blood drawn in the brown building in front of the hospital between the hours of 6:00 and 10:30 AM. Please look for the signs. The Saturday event will also be from 6:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.
Time slots need to be pre-arranged and are assigned on a first come first serve basis. Participants are also reminded that they must complete a registration form and pay the necessary fees to retain the time they select. The Saturday event will be held in the former Community Health Center facility in the southernmost portion of the BCMH building through the end entrance. Again, please follow the signs.
When patients register, they will be assigned a time and are asked not to arrive more than five minutes before their scheduled appointment. Times will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis, so participants are encouraged to register early. A special portal is available to reserve a time slot at:
Scheduling by mail is still available. Once the application is processed the patient will be advised by telephone exactly what time has been assigned to them. Patients may also call the Citizens’ News office at 304-765-5193 reserve a time, or the BCMH Lab at 304-364-1035. Payment must be mailed or delivered to the Citizens’ News office at 501Main Street, Sutton, WV 26601.
Patients are reminded to fast for at least 12 hours prior to testing for accurate results.