The Braxton Democrat, Town Meeting

Facemire Resigns From Sutton Town Council

The most recent meeting of the Sutton Town Council was held on January 11.
Council member Steve Facemire submitted a letter of resignation dated December 15, 2023. Beth Atkins made a motion to accept the letter and thanked him for his dedication to the town. Catherine Hoover seconded the motion and noted all of years of service including his time on previous councils. With Facemire’s resignation, the Sutton Town Council now has two vacancies. The first was created with no one running for the fifth seat in the June election. That position is still awaiting council action to fill the vacancy as defined in the city ordinance.
Mayor JD Hoover opened the meeting briefly discussing the recent funds received from the opioid settlement. The check will go into a new checking account specifically for the settlement funds. Catherine Hoover made a motion to open a new checking account with the current signatures of Mayor JD Hoover, Recorder Robyn Dolan, and Municipal Clerk Robin Smith. Council approved the motion.
Recorder Robyn Dolan noted that the work on the roads and streets will continue in the spring when the weather breaks. Town workers will continue to work on ditches and drains thru the winter months.
Catherine Hoover noted recently seeing a vehicle speeding on Town Hill. Chief Teare expressed the need to update or possibly change some ordinances in order for him to write traffic tickets. Municipal Judge Rodney Jamison had informed him new WV State Code makes the changes necessary. Municipal Judge Jamison will be at an upcoming meeting to discuss the changes needed.
Catherine Hoover informed council she had looked more into the property at the farmers market. From her research, she believes that since both parties knew of the encroachment and the town has maintained the property for over ten years, they can get the property. However, the individuals that own the property on the other side are interested in purchasing the lot in question and have agreed to allow the town to continue the use of area. Jon Crum made a motion to table any further discussion or action until more information could be obtained.
Beth Atkins requested again that a position for a part-time Community Outreach Coordinator be advertised. She wanted to drop the grant writer title from the position and she provided council members with a job description. Jon Crum asked where the funding would come from and again voiced his concerns over the need to fill other positions that are vacant, i.e. Street Commissioner, that are provided for in the ordinances. The council agreed to have a work session to discuss these issues as well as some other items they need to discuss on January 18 at 1:00 pm.
Under regular business, the minutes of the December 14 meeting were approved on a motion by Beth Atkins.
Catherine Hoover made the motion that led to the approval of the bills as presented. Jon Crum questioned the length of the insurance policies renewals. Municipal Clerk Robin Smith stated those were the annual renewals. Crum also questioned the recent trainings Sutton Police Chief Harry Teare had attended. Chief Teare informed him one was to get certified in “less lethal” methods and the other was a profiling course. Finally Crum questioned the $621 spent on bathroom repairs. He was informed it was a renovation that was greatly needed.
Council approved the improvements and renovations permit for 605 N. 3rd Street on a motion by Jon Crum.
The council approved the mileage reimbursement for Recorder Robyn Dolan and Municipal Clerk Robin Smith to attend the annual budget workshop in Bridgeport on February 2 on a motion by Beth Atkins.
Council went into executive session at 6:31 pm to discuss personnel issues. They reconvened at 7:30 pm with no decisions made. The meeting was adjourned at 7:32 pm. The next regular meeting is set for January 25 at 6:00 pm.