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Flatwoods Monster Convention Held at Flatwoods Hotel/Conference Center

The Flatwoods Monster Convention & UFO Conference was held Saturday Sept. 9 at the Days Hotel Conference Center in Flatwoods. The event organized by Wild & Weird West Virginia LLC and Dave Spinks has been years in planning and all agree, they could not be happier with the excitement and turn out.
Hundreds of fans of both UFOs and The Flatwoods Monster were in attendance as vendors and renowned UFO speakers came together to celebrate the town and the original witnesses of the legendary sighting on September 12, 1952.
Several children of the original witnesses were in attendance, as well as Mrs. West Virginia, Amber (Pecora) Haddix, who brought along her famous red and green gown inspired by the legendary creature for everyone to see. She wore the costume at the Mrs. America competition recently held in Las Vegas, NV. Even Braxxie and Mothman had to come check out the event.
Organizers say the goal is to help these small towns to embrace their local legends no matter how Wild & Weird and to capitalize from the income generated by such events. Those interested can keep up with other hosted events by visiting: “As we like to say Stay Wild & Weird West Virginia”.