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Nap May Lead to Jail Time for Sutton Man

A series of unusual events, including a “nap” in a residence that didn’t belong to him, could lead to jail time for a Sutton man. Cpl. P.A. Huff of the Sutton Detachment of the West Virgnia State Police received a call on August 14 of a report that a home invasion was in progress at 910 Buckeye Creek, Sutton.
Upon arrival, the Trooper observed Darius Cox, later identified as the property owner, standing in the driveway with an unidentified male laying face down on the ground at his feet. After interviewing Cox, the officer discovered that when the property owner arrived at the residences, he observed a man, identified as Abraham Duran, 32, of Sutton, exiting the rear of the residence through the back door.
“Mr. Cox further advised that the defendant continued approaching him and eventually became somewhat aggressive at which time, the defendant was subdued by Mr. Cox who remained on scene until law enforcement arrived,” the criminal complaint read.
Cpl. Huff also spoke with a neighbor who said the defendant was inside the residence just minutes prior to the arrival of the homeowner. That individual stated that he spoke to the defendant who inquired if he had marijuana in his pocket. The neighbor felt the question was suspicious.
Upon questioning, Duran confessed to entering the residence without permission to “take a nap” prior to traveling on up Buckeye Creek to his own residence.
The defendant was charged with breaking and entering and arraigned before Braxton County Magistrate David Singleton where his bond was set as $10,000 cash only. If convicted Duran faces up to 15 years in prison. He is currently lodged in the South Central Regional Jail awaiting further court proceedings.