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Mission Team Visits Sutton

Last week a missions team from Lebanon Area Evangelical Free Church from Lebanon, Pennsylvania came to Sutton in order to help revitalize the downtown. Their projects included cleaning up the bridge next to the Elk River Hotel and Cafe, cleaning up the riverbank, painting at Sutton Baptist Church, and building the Sutton Reading and Activity Center located in the West Virginia Bigfoot Museum.
The team was hosted by Mountain Laurel Country Store and they were lodged at Living River Chapel.
After working during the week, the team collaborated with Sutton Baptist Church, Living River Chapel, and First Southern Baptist Church of Sutton to hold a community carnival located on the grounds of Main Street Park across the street from the bank. The carnival was a great success and a lot of the kids from the community participated. The carnival featured games, food, music, and bounce houses.
“The community was able to come together and provide something great for the youth in the area and we are all very thankful for the help and hard work of the missions team from Lebanon Area Evangelical Free Church” David Petolicchio said. David is co-owner of the Mountain Laurel Country Store as well as organizer of the Sutton Reading and Activity Center and Main Street Park.
“We are very thankful that all of these churches were willing to work together to make something great happen for the community. There will be many more opportunities to make our community a better place and we hope that our community churches continue to share that passion! We are all very thankful for everyone that worked hard and sacrificed time and effort to make a difference!”